Trail Sisters
Adventure Grant

Awarding six womxn $500 to put toward their dream adventure.
+ gear kits from Trail Sisters and The North Face.

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The Adventure Grant helps fund opportunities for womxn who want to explore, inspire, and share their experience with others.

About the Grant

Launched in 2018, the Adventure Grant was created to boost opportunity and encouragement for womxn to pursue their wildest adventure dreams.  

We know the temptation of curiosity, the rush of adrenaline, and the feeling of satisfaction when fulfilling a dream. It is something everyone should experience.

Trail Sisters and The North Face want womxn to embrace their capabilities and confidently go explore. These adventures provide representation of what is possible, and help to motivate others.

Though we are only able to award six womxn with a $500 grant, Trail Sisters and The North Face hope all womxn will be inspired to take on their wildest adventure dreams.

“Exploration is at the core of everything we do at The North Face, -- it’s who we are. So we are so excited to share in the adventures with these TS adventure grant awardees.”
Esther Kendall
The North Face
"Adventure. I don’t know what is more exciting, freeing, or liberating. Everyone deserves their own wild experience, and I’m grateful that Trail Sisters has the ability to aid six womxn in making their dream adventure come true."
Gina Lucrezi
Trail Sisters Founder

Criteria & Details

Six selected awardees receive a $500 grant to help with costs associated with their adventure. In addition, they receive a Trail Sisters and The North Face gear kit.

To qualify, candidates must submit applications that will be reviewed (anonymously) by a panel of Trail Sisters & members from The North Face. 

All womxn wanting to pursue their dream adventure are welcome to apply. Grants may be awarded for a first time trail run adventure, the seasoned hiker planning the next big challenge, or chasing down a fastest known time.

There are no required performance standards or previous experience, but awardees are required to write about their experience in an article for Trail Sisters and The North Face.

Participants must 18 yrs or older, and US residents (due to federal rules and regulations).

Adventures must be completed before November 1st, 2021. 

Please note: These grants are not intended to help fund a trip to an organized race or event.

The North Face


After reading and considering 235 submissions, panelists from Trail Sisters and The North Face have finally chosen six applications to be awarded a TS Adventure Grant presented by The North Face! A huge thank you to everyone who submitted an application for the Adventure Grant. We hope you will continue to pursue your dreams, tackling adventures that create lifelong memories and also inspire your friends and community members.

Brenna C. – Missoula, MT

Yellowstone National Park
Brenna and her two other trail sisters will run along the remote eastern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. This 56 mile adventure begins in Cooke City, MT, finishing at the base of Avalanche Peak. The route crosses pristine wild areas on windswept ridgelines, alpine meadows, and paths with many wild animals. As wildlife researchers, these trail sisters will be applying strategies to minimize their impact, and also highlight how vital responsible recreation is to the wellbeing of wildlife.

Bailee M. - Boulder, CO

The Evolution Traverse
The Evolution Traverse is located in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and is a technical adventure that requires climbing skills to complete. The total approach distance is 10 miles, the route crests nine 13,000 ft. peaks and stretches for approx. 8 miles. 

Nicole S. – Honolulu, HI

Kalalau Trail
Nicole will do an unsupported trail run of the Kalalau Trail that overlooks the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai. The trail is 22 miles round trip and features 6,177 ft. of elevation gain. Normally it takes 2-3 days to hike, but Nicole is planning to run it all in one day. There are several stream crossings and ridge walks, making this a spicy adventure.

Marlene H. – Reno, NV

The Ruby Crest Trail
Marlene, along with her two trail sisters will take on Elko, Nevada’s 35+ mile Ruby Crest Trail that winds its way up and down (over 10,000 ft) the Ruby Mountains. The trail spans rugged peaks, sagebrush meadows, and alpine lakes. This is a more remote trail, so it will be a self-supported adventure.

Cara V. – New York, NY

Empire State Trail
Cara and her sister will be taking on a three-day trek, tackling 65 miles of the 750 mile Empire State Trail. They will begin at Battery Park, working their way through NYC, forests, and rural areas before finishing near Brewster. Their hope is to bring awareness and excitement to the amazing adventures one can have close to home, exploring the local environment in a new way. 

Kate M. – San Jose, CA

Kekekabic Trail
The Kekekabic Trail unfolds along 41-46ish miles of remote, primitive trail through the Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area in northern Minnesota, along the Canadian border. Kate will aim to set the women’s FKT this August moving east to west, navigating numerous water crossings and dense vegetation. 

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