Trail Sisters Women's Trail Half-Marathon

Race Course Details

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The Course

13.1 miles that twist and turn through sagebrush and ponderosa pines, all while providing stunning views of the prestigious Collegiate Peaks.
Located in the Rocky Mountains along the roaring Arkansas River.

Race Info

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Aid & Water Stations

There are four volunteered staffed water stations on course that include water, electrolyte drink, light snacks, basic first aid materials, and menstrual products.

The main aid station is located at the start and finish area, and includes water, electrolyte drink, post-run snacks, menstrual products, and medical support.

Course Markers

The course will be marked by pink flagging, and all major turns will have a volunteer helping with directions. There is a portion of the course that is open to traffic (very minimal), please stay to the left side of the dirt road so you can see any oncoming traffic, and so vehicles can see you!


Though we are fans of supporting friends and family members, we are asking that all spectators hangout at the S/F Town Square to congratulate runners as they finish. The water stations unfortunately don’t have enough room to accommodate extra people, nor is there parking space available near the water/aid stations.


Sportswomenship! Though each runner is running her own race, you are all covering the same distance on the same trails. Be kind to each other, show camaraderie for one another. This is the last place that will tolerate any negative comments or actions.

  • No cutting the course – Stay on trail & Leave No Trace.
  • Keep it Clean – pick up any trash, dispose at aid stations or keep with you.
  • Gear – This is a cup-less race. Carry your own bottle or carry the collapsable cup provided.
  • EMT on site at S/F – if needing to receive medical treatment, you will not be able to return to the race.
  • Aid Station Check In-halfway point.
  • Trails open to other recreational trail traffic – bikes, hikers, runners, dogs, etc.
  • Respect and Listen to Aid Station Officials.
  • RD has the final say over any issues/decisions.