Run with Her

Women's Trail Running Retreats

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Join Us in Boulder, Colorado in 2021

Run with Her Retreats presents women with the opportunity to experience the sport of trail running in a non-intimidating environment, provides informative workshops on various aspects of the sport and the outdoors, while creating camaraderie and life-long friendships, not to mention the best swag bag ever!

~ Join us on the trails!

2021 Retreats

June 3rd - 6th

August 12th - 15th

The Swag Bag

Thanks to our amazing partners and sponsors, we are able to provide THE best swag bag at any retreat, EVER. Having a fun experience on the trail is important (for many reasons) and utilizing the correct gear can make all the difference. We take pride introducing the products you’ll receive and will facilitate demo opportunities during the retreat.

2021 Supporters Include

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