Ask the Trail Sisters

Ask TS : Strength Training Exercises

I know we are all supposed to do it, but how important is strength training for overall running fitness? And if you could only do one exercise, what would it be and why?

Ask TS : When to use Poles

I see lots of people using them, both in hiking and trail running, and I’m thinking about getting some. Are they mainly used for going uphill, and is there a technique to using them?

Ask TS : Social Media Trolls

I’d love to hear your advice on dealing with trouble causing comments that are made to discredit race or adventure efforts on social media. I recently posted about an FKT I accomplished and was proud of, but received comments on how it wasn’t fast, that it was an easy course, and other things that stole the joy from my effort.

Ask TS : Running Through the Night

I have a 100 mile race coming up where I’ll be running throughout the night. This will be my first time running for longer than two hours in the dark and I’m a bit nervous about it. Do you have any recommendations on headlamps, and any tips on embracing those long dark hours?


ASK TS: Speedwork…

Speedwork: Is it really all that important, and if I need to do it, how much should I be doing per week?

ASK TS: Walking to Jogging

Currently, I walk almost 3 miles every day, but I’d really like to start jogging. Would it be better to follow a walk/run routine or just jog as long as I can? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

ASK TS: Body Image and Self Acceptance

I am a newer trail runner, and definitely back of the pack. I struggle with body image and would love to hear your thoughts about accepting one’s body the way it is, rather than trying to fit the mold of a traditional thin runner.

ASK TS : Solo Adventure Precautions

I enjoy adventuring on the trails (both hiking and running) but am always doing it solo. What do you do to keep yourself safe, or what precautions do you take?

Winter Cross-Training

Ask the Trail Sisters!
What is your favorite form of cross-training during the winter months?

Cat Calls

How do you handle cat calls or unwanted comments?

Stomach Cramps

When should you give in and turn around and when should you push through?

Discomfort vs. Injury

How do you know when you should legitimately call it quits from a hard fall/nagging injury vs. sucking it up and continuing the race?