Trail Sisters was created to constitute for an equitable outdoors both recreationally and throughout the industry. Female voice and representation are essential in the future of our outdoors, impacting the role we play both on and off the trails.

To break through long-standing barriers, Trail Sisters generates educational content and resources, while fostering an inspirational community that encourages self-advocacy and life-long friendships.

Our Mission

To increase women’s participation and opportunity in trail running and hiking through inspiration, education and empowerment.

Inclusivity Statement

The Trail Sisters community welcomes and encourages inclusion from All who identify as women: our sisters of Color, our Indigenous sisters, our LGBTQIA sisters, our Trans and Non-Binary sisters, our Adaptive Athlete sisters and our White sisters.

Pace, size, shape, experience level, whether hiking, running, or racing, none of that matters. What does matter is that sisters are experiencing a valuable and enjoyable time on the trails, surrounded by those who are supportive and empowering.

No sisterhood is truly a sisterhood without diversity in every way, as each woman is unique, significant, and can provide strength, love, and support to her fellow sisters.

Founders Message

Let’s face it, there’s a lack of intention and encouragement to engage women in outdoor sports. One may arrive at this realization via some quick Google searches, but I’ve experienced this first hand, on and off the trail.

As a woman, athlete, and outdoor industry professional, I couldn’t stand by and allow the current culture to continue down a path that does not include adequate female representation.

The creation of an online journal sharing any and all female voices was my answer to growing awareness and education. I didn’t know it at the time, but this passion project would quickly evolve into much more.

Growth of the Trail Sisters community includes multiple forms of outreach, resources, and participation opportunities. Though these avenues all contain a different approach to the outdoors, they are all centered on the cultivation of confidence.

I learned very quickly that with a boosted confidence, a person is capable of just about anything. In creating a community that inspires and educates women in conquering primitive environments, women will automatically receive a powerful skillset for self-advocacy within their everyday lives.

The path to expanding women’s representation and opportunity in the outdoors is not only accomplished by participation on the trails, but also by women speaking up for what they want and deserve.

For stable and long-lasting changes, it will take advocacy from the entire community. I’m hopeful that both women, men, and those working within the industry can see and understand the benefits in creating a more equitable outdoors for all.

Gina Lucrezi

Trail Sisters Founder

Our Team

Trail Sisters Founder

Picture of Gina


Gina has always been stubborn and bold, so when it came to advocating for women’s rights and equality in the outdoors (and in general), she was bound to make some changes. Gina’s main goal is to help create opportunities and grow participation in women’s trail running.

Trail Mister

Picture of Justin


Gina's husband and #1 Trail Mister. His responsibilities include driving the van, building websites, making TS Merchandise and walking the dogs.

Team Manager

Picture of Kristi


Kristi was a founding member of the Trail Sisters Asheville, NC (WNC) Local Group. After her move she founded a new local group in Birmingham, Alabama. As the Team Manager she fosters relationships and creates camaraderie amongst our TS Team.

Our Community

Picture of Local Group Leaders, Contributors, Patrons, Team Members & More

Local Group Leaders, Contributors, Patrons, Team Members & More

Trail Sisters would not be possible were it not for all of YOU! Thank you for your generosity and support. Remember to always smile and say hi when passing on a trail. High Fives can make a return after Covid 🙂