Women of Western States Endurance Run

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Past Event

Thursday, June 27th

1:00PM - 1:30PM PDT

Olympic Valley Main Stage

Livestream Broadcast

Join us Thursday, June 27th from 1-1:30PM PDT at the Main Stage in Olympic Valley for the WSER Official Livestream broadcast of the 2024 Women of Western States Panel, hosted by Gina Lucrezi of Trail Sisters and presented by HOKA.

The Women’s Panel was created in 2018 to bring more awareness and celebration to all of the women running in the Western States Endurance Run. The panel event features a diverse set of athletes highlighting their journey, background, and why running Western is meaningful to them. Sharing their stories helps to inspire others, while bridging the gap in relatability and what is possible and achievable. 

2024 marks the 6th edition of the Women’s Panel created by Trail Sisters, featuring: Eszter Csillag, Hebah Hefzy, Julie Moffitt, Kaci Lickteig, and Kuwanna Dyer-Pietras. 

Join us in person or tune into the WSER Official Livestream broadcast June 27th at 1:00pm PST!

About the Panelists & Host

Kuwanna Dyer-Pietras

Kuwanna is a trail and ultra-runner with a love for vertical East Coast trail ultras. She has a PhD in geology and is a UESCA-certified Ultra Run Coach. She is married with two daughters and feels that running all the miles is a great panacea for helping navigate the teenage years. Kuwanna is a Trail Sisters Contributor and has previously served as co-editor/writer at the Trails Collective and content creator for the Patagonia Trail Running IG.

Hebah Hefzy

Hebah is a 41 year old single mother of 3 teens. She is a first generation Egyptian American who grew up in Ohio, but has been calling Detroit home for the last 13 years. Hebah is a full-time Vascular neurologist, hijab wearing Muslim woman. She started running 12 years ago to get healthy, and it has transformed her life. 

Eszter Csillag

Eszter is a professional trail runner for HOKA, originally from Hungary and now living in Hong Kong. Eszter has a degree in art history, and is a mother of two girls, Emma and Noemi. She is a board member of the Pro Trail Runners Association (PTRA) and co-leads the Women’s Equality working group. Eszter was 1st at TransLantau 2023, 3rd at WSER 2023, 4th at the World Championship in Thailand, and 5th at UTMB 2022. 

Kaci Lickteig

Kaci is a physical therapist who loves to run competitively. She started running as a junior in high school, continued into college, and progressed to the marathon. In 2011 Kaci qualified for the Marathon Olympic Trials then completed the Huston Olympic Trials race in 2012. She started running 100 mile races in 2013 and her first Western States in 2014. Kaci has since completed Western every year, with 2024 being her 10th! She has won Western States and placed in the top 10 numerous times, and has also finished over 24 hours for the bronze buckle. Western has been the race Kaci’s life has revolved around and what she loves. 

Julie Moffitt

Julia (Julie) Moffitt, a 57-year-old physiologist from Iowa City, IA, is a self-coached ultrarunner and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. This weekend completes a nine-year journey to Western States, (mind you much longer than her pursuit of a PhD!) and she is thrilled and grateful for the opportunity. A former collegiate athlete, Julie is passionate about empowering women to reach their full athletic potential at any age, but especially aging women navigating menopause.

Gina Lucrezi - Host

Gina has always been stubborn and bold, so when it came to advocating for women’s rights and equality in the outdoors, she was bound to make changes. As the founder of Trail Sisters, Gina’s goal is to grow participation and opportunity in women’s trail running. Gina is also a Trustee for the Town of Buena Vista, Colorado, Vice-President of Chaffee County Search & Rescue North, and Race Director for the Lake Sonoma 50 Mile, Marathon, and Trail Sisters Half Marathon. Recently, she has launched her candidacy for Chaffee County Commissioner!