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"Take A Bet On Yourself!"

6 years ago, I decided to do something outside of my comfort zone, took some chances, and hoped for the best.

There were nerves of how things would be received, anxiety over not doing enough, and the constant fear of failure…not only for me personally, but for the purpose and mission I hoped would reshape the current state of the trail running and hiking communities.

Through this experience my mantra became “take a bet on yourself.” I realized that if I didn’t believe in myself and abilities, how could I ever create change or inspire others to believe in their capabilities to make change. 

I hope TS community members will embrace the mantra of “take a bet on yourself,” as it’s the most powerful belief one can have in her pursuit of life.

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Gina Lucrezi

Trail Sisters Founder

Running Towards Grief and Loss

Grief can catch you off guard, knock you over. Have you ever been surfing and gotten destroyed by a wave? That’s how I picture grief hitting me. You wonder if you will or even can make it out alive. I have made it out every time.

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For Mothers!

Childhood Grant

In an effort to grow women’s opportunity and participation on the trails, Trail Sisters in partnership with The North Face has created the Childcare Grant. 20 grants of $400 offered for 2022!

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Coaching Grant

As presenting partner, Life Time is providing nine coaching grants in an effort to empower and grow women’s participation in trail racing.

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Team Trail Sisters

Any and all women are invited to join Team Trail Sisters! Special access to team kits and apparel, Speaker Series webinars, partner discounts, team newsie and communities group, and special meet-up events! Join the team today!


The Trail Sisters Community provides a way to connect with other Trail Sisters, Join Local Groups, learn from educational courses & more!


Providing tools for success on the trails is important. Find a coach through our coaching directory, get inspired with a film or learn how to apply for an Adventure, Childcare, or Coaching Grant.


Check out a Run With Her Retreat, the Women's Trail Half Marathon or come run a Marathon or 50 Mile with us in wine country!

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The Commitment

Trail Sisters Journal

Maria Fell

Running Towards Grief and Loss

Grief can catch you off guard, knock you over. Have you ever been surfing and gotten destroyed by a wave? That’s how I picture grief hitting me. You wonder if you will or even can make it out alive. I have made it out every time.

Seonjoon Young

Creating Community in Women’s Trail Running for Nonbinary and Trans Athletes

For me as a nonbinary person, the running world often feels like a game of musical chairs, but the game starts with only two chairs (male and female or men and women), and even though there are lots of people trying to find a seat, those two chairs are the perfect fit for only two of the players in the game…

Jacqui Somen

The Importance of Nurturing a Deeper Connection with Nature

There are so many ways to connect with the land, and I would be remiss to think that my personal methods are the only or best way. However, if you need inspiration for enhancing your relationship with the natural world, I offer you some of my favorite nature-loving practices.

Cassie Nevins

Mindfulness Practices for Runners

Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand in that they both work to connect our mind to our body so that the two become one. However, for people like me that find traditional meditation to be difficult, mindfulness can be performed in several ways to include movement.

Belle Newby

Trail Running Essentials: #Vanlife Edition

My #vanlife dreams were spurred by a romantic vision of waking up to a different trail every morning. This article is an overview of items and resources that are unique to living a comfortable trail running life on the road.

Magdalena Donahue

Building a Sustainable Adventure

My husband and I have three children, and we have continued in a lifestyle of adventure, excitement, and outdoor pursuits. Building this lifestyle of the past decade has taken intentional thought and development.

Mackenzie White

Growing Up in Ultras

Trail and ultra-running may have grown in popularity, but they still, at their core, are what they were when I was a kid, waiting in the muggy dark for my dad to emerge from the woods: they force you to stretch beyond what you thought was possible, to keep going when you think you can’t…

Melissa Mincic

More Than Skin Deep

It’s not always easy but can appreciate wherever you are along the spectrum of setting and achieving health and running goals. It can be a great feeling, no matter how much or how little skin you see when standing side profile in your bathroom mirror.

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