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Trail Sisters Journal

Traversing Doubt and Actuality

I got into trail running in my mid-30s after having two kids. After practicing classical ballet for the first two decades of my life, I immediately recognized the focus and agility required on the trails and was hooked.

How to Fuel Well Without Getting Addicted to Sugar

Our bodies are constantly releasing hormones to shuttle glucose into and out of our bloodstream so that we have the energy to do what we’re doing—whether that’s sitting on the couch or hiking up a mountain.

Fastpacking: An Outdoor Room with a View

It may appear that fastpacking brings out the toughest, and most illogical, elements of both trail running and backpacking. From my experience that rings true, but the absurdity is precisely why I love it. Fastpacking allows me to cover long distances in (relatively) short periods of time, but also to linger and savor them in a way that a normal trail run does not.

Altra Running Shoe Review

Altra has been a big contender in the trail running world for years and they have built upon their solid foundation with a variety of trail running, road running, and most recently, hiking shoes. All of

If the Wild Takes Me

A misstep or loose rock, a wild animal, getting lost or injured, facing dehydration or hypothermia, probably some that I’ve never thought of. If occasionally I forget, mother nature has a way of reminding me through minor falls, close calls, and even the occasional ER trip.

Running Towards Healing

It’s long been time for me to get real and get honest with myself. I’ve been afraid to share who I am deep down and reveal what’s there. But I’m ready to peel back some of those layers and see what I find. I’m afraid it’s not all pretty.

Trail Sisters 2,021 Hours for the Planet, Presented by Altra

In celebration of Earth Month, Trail Sisters and Altra Running are excited to launch our new conservation and cleanup project, 2,021 Hours for the Planet. The goal of this project is to hit (hopefully surpass) 2,021 hours of collective trail clean-up and maintenance work from the community.

How to Plan Your Own Training Camp

At training camp, running (and the friendships it nurtures) are the center of attention. The whole day isn’t spent training, but training is the highlight of the day. Each run is planned with pomp and circumstance, even the easy runs.

Projects & Grants

2,021 Hours for the Planet

presented by: Altra

Childcare Grant

presented by: The North Face

We want women to feel included and encouraged to play on the trails, no matter their pace or mode of foot-to-dirt powered activity.

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