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Trail Sisters Journal

Sleep Systems Review

Getting quality sleep is a critical component of successful backpacking adventures, and the right sleep system goes a long way to making quality sleep possible. This month, we reviewed sleeping bags and sleeping pads to help you assemble the ideal sleep system for you.

The Injured Trail Runner: Part 1

As soon as I felt the pop, I knew it was bad. My knee had been hurting the week before when I was on vacation with my family, but it seemed to loosen up as I ran. It felt decently good that day so I decided to give it a try. About 20 minutes into my run I felt the pop. I could no longer run.

Look Where You Want to Go

It’s not too uncommon for urban kids to grow up with some kind of seemingly heinous gap in their outdoor activity skillset: not knowing how to climb a tree, swim, or ride a bike, for example. I concede that my parents vaguely tried to get me biking, but I never ventured beyond my cul-de-sac into the traffic-choked streets.

Trail Hygiene

I frequently field questions regarding trail hygiene, because, let’s face it. Being sweaty and dirty all the time isn’t particularly comfortable, or healthy. The following tips are aimed at helping you develop a hygiene system on trail that will keep you healthy!

Solo Travel and Adventures

“Are you alone?” The owner of the hut is looking over my shoulder as if he’s expecting another person to emerge from the mountains. I tell him that I am in fact alone, for today. I don’t know why I add those two words – for today – and I spend the rest of the climb wondering why I said that.

Running Towards 40

I just celebrated my 40th birthday and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Seriously. I envision my 40s as the time when I will be unapologetically me. When I will relentlessly pursue my passions, love the snot out of my friends and family, and hold space for what brings me joy. And say no to what doesn’t.

Backpacking Packs Review

This month, we’re excited to offer our first review dedicated to backpacking packs. In this review, we take an in-depth look at four new women’s packs that range in capacity from 52 to 65 liters. We also provide brief bonus coverage on three additional packs that are worth a look. Each pack in this review comes with a rain cover.

Mom, You Don’t Really Like Adventures

One day, my 7 year old daughter turned to me and very matter of factly announced, “Mom, you don’t really, like, like adventures.” Hmm, wha…?!? My head nearly spun around as I tried to keep myself from spitting out split pea soup exorcist style.

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