Trail Sisters
Coaching Grant

As presenting partner, Life Time is providing nine coaching grants in an effort to empower and grow women’s participation in trail racing. Each grant includes personalized coaching and an entry into one of the Leadville Race Series events.


Leadville, Colorado

June 18th, 2022

4 weeks of coaching. Focused on performance sharpening and preparation. Base mileage and training required.

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Leadville, Colorado

August 14th, 2022

8 weeks of coaching for any stage of training or experience

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Trail Sisters Gear Kit

Submission Window Closed

Austin, Texas

November 5th, 2022

10 weeks of coaching for any stage of training or experience

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Trail Sisters Gear Kit

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We understand the importance of performance, and the power and guidance of personalized coaching. Having help in discovering one’s abilities, bringing awareness to what’s possible, and aiding in a renewed sense of confidence can create a life changing impact.

In growing women’s participation in trail running, we want to be conscious and intentional in breaking down barriers and fostering empowerment. This coaching grant aims to set nine women on a path of both physical and mental success (on and off the race course).

Gina Lucrezi Profile Photo

Gina Lucrezi

Trail Sisters Founder

Austin Rattler Awardees

Jordan Scales

Jordan Scales

"I would kill to have a time I'm proud of. To finish in the allowed time, not just by the skin of my teeth but with a little time to spare. I would love to have a training plan that makes sense, that has clear goals. To have confidence in my running, the confidence to be a true trail sister. The confidence to be a woman on the trails, solo, knowledgeable, with a goal, a plan. To actually feel like a trail runner. I really really want a coach. And trust me, once I get one, I won't go back. Just need that first step, the first push, to believe I can do it and deserve it."


Griselda Conde-Holman

"My goal is to properly train for a long distance trail race. I am in dire need of an accountability coach as well. I am currently in therapy with running being a part of the equation to deal with the loss of my 19 year old sister. I've never run Austin Rattler but hear that it is a challenging race. I am ready for the challenge and would like to train for this run whether it is the 20 miler or 50K. Thank you all in advance for the opportunity to grow, inspire, and see just how resilient and strong I can be."

DeShauna 1

DeShauna Jones

"I hope to learn more training methods such as cross training, nutrition, stretching/pliability, and running drills that work best for me. I also want to learn how to improve my running form while trying to be as efficient as possible. I'm not an elite athlete and I'm also raising three kids with a demanding full time job. While I have poured hours into developing my own training plans, I would absolutely welcome and aspire to having additional running support to help me push through to the next level. I especially want to support other mothers and women of color in their running goals as well!"


Tara Goddard

"Accountability, encouragement, help with being smart about increasing my volume, advice on how to train on a treadmill during the worst of this Texas summer heat and humidity. I got into such a great routine at the end of last year and leading up to my February half, but after being out with my (now fixed) hip flexor strain, I completely lost momentum, and am having trouble getting it back. I think coaching would help a lot, especially so I can train smart, and not injure myself again."

Leadville 10k Awardees

Zinna Galan

Zinna Galán

Elizabeth, Colorado

"I'm new-ish to trail running and unfortunately DNF'd at my first ultra. I'd love to work with a coach to gain skills and training to help me succeed. I'm a slow runner and in group runs I'm always struggling to hang on and keep up with my peers. Part of the problem with my DNF was that I wasn't fast enough for the cutoffs. I believe if I work with a coach, I can up my game and gain the skills to get faster."

Erin Mendt

Erin Mendt

Lakewood, Colorado

"I feel like I understand how to run, but I don't have any idea on how to be better. Should I run a bunch of hill repeats? What is a normal speed comparison to how quickly I run on the road? I love being in the mountains and I love the community that is found in trail running, I just haven't found a way to master it yet. I also know I could benefit from having a plan even outside of running. What are key strength exercises I should be doing and how can I make myself an overall better runner?"


Melissa Villarreal

Leadville, Colorado

"I had a coach for one month but could not continue because of financial reasons. I believe a coach can help with my goal of running a race and doing well. When I train on my own I do not feel like I get any faster or stronger."

Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half Awardees

Claire H

Claire Hsing

Boulder, Colorado

"Better support with how to develop and execute race strategy. I feel I only know how to run mileage in training, once race day comes around I don't really know what to do except try to have fun and not get injured, vs. trying to really 'race' and push myself." I've only done a couple of trail races, always just running for fun/trying to survive. I can execute *some* speed/hill type work, but I don't really know how hard to push myself, it feels pretty subjective. I also don't really know how to translate that effort into race day performance (should it ever feel as hard as those hills?), etc.?"

Cinthia R

Cinthia Ritchie

Anchorage, Alaska

"I want to be mentally tougher. I'm an older runner, and while I used to be fearless, I've become way (way!) too cautious. Worse yet, I find that I'm limiting myself. There aren't many women in their 60s running and racing trails. So even though I run regularly and push myself, I'm not pushing myself to my full potential. I can feel myself holding back, and I hate this. I want to be fearless and tough, the way I used to be. I want to find a balance between knowing when to dig deep and when to back off, when to rest/recover and when to push myself just a bit longer."

Katie B

Katie Benzel

Colorado Springs, CO

"I would love to learn some strategies to increase speed in the mountains. I'm a solid midpack runner and have seen gains on my own, but would love to hear specific tips for climbing, strength, downhill running etc. This would be an incredible learning opportunity! I am a mom and work full time so I really have to maximize my spare time for training. Anything I could do to be a little more efficient would be great."

Rules & Guidelines

All abilities and experience levels are welcome to apply! Please submit an application for the race event/s you are interested in by the corresponding deadline.

Applicants submitting for the Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half should have a current base of training miles.


  • Trail Marathon or Heavy Half: Midnight of May 10th
  • Trail 10k: Midnight of June 6th
  • Austin Rattler Events: Midnight August 12th


Recipients will be announced and contacted via email one week after the application window has closed.

Participants must 18 yrs or older, and US residents.

Winners are responsible for providing their own travel and lodging for the event.

Prize package is not transferable and must be used in 2022.

Coaching provided by the official Leadville Race Series coaching partner, Boundless Coaching.

Recipients agree to allow usage of their name, image, likeness, and application information for announcements, posts, and articles from both Trail Sisters and Life Time.

Coaching provided by:

The submission windows are closed for all grants.

2021 Grant Recipients

Yuen C. - New York

Sarah E. - Colorado Springs

Robyn F. - Philadelphia

Mari B. – Portland, Maine

Rebecca A. – White Oak, PA