Trail Sisters
Coaching Grant

As presenting partner, Life Time is providing nine coaching grants in an effort to empower and grow women’s participation in trail racing. Each grant includes personalized coaching and an entry into one of the Leadville Race Series events.


Leadville, Colorado

June 18th, 2022

4 weeks of coaching. Focused on performance sharpening and preparation. Base mileage and training required.

Free race entry

Trail Sisters Gear Kit

Submission Window Closed

Leadville, Colorado

August 14th, 2022

8 weeks of coaching for any stage of training or experience

Free race entry

Trail Sisters Gear Kit

Accepting Submissions!

Austin, Texas

November 5th, 2022

10 weeks of coaching for any stage of training or experience

Free race entry

Trail Sisters Gear Kit

Accepting Submissions!

Coaching provided by:

We understand the importance of performance, and the power and guidance of personalized coaching. Having help in discovering one’s abilities, bringing awareness to what’s possible, and aiding in a renewed sense of confidence can create a life changing impact.

In growing women’s participation in trail running, we want to be conscious and intentional in breaking down barriers and fostering empowerment. This coaching grant aims to set nine women on a path of both physical and mental success (on and off the race course).

Gina Lucrezi Profile Photo

Gina Lucrezi

Trail Sisters Founder

Rules & Guidelines

All abilities and experience levels are welcome to apply! Please submit an application for the race event/s you are interested in by the corresponding deadline.

Applicants submitting for the Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half should have a current base of training miles.


  • Trail Marathon or Heavy Half: Midnight of May 10th
  • Trail 10k: Midnight of June 6th
  • Austin Rattler Events: Midnight August 12th


Recipients will be announced and contacted via email one week after the application window has closed.

Participants must 18 yrs or older, and US residents.

Winners are responsible for providing their own travel and lodging for the event.

Prize package is not transferable and must be used in 2022.

Coaching provided by the official Leadville Race Series coaching partner, Boundless Coaching.

Recipients agree to allow usage of their name, image, likeness, and application information for announcements, posts, and articles from both Trail Sisters and Life Time.

Coaching provided by:

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Previous Grant Recipients

Yuen C. - New York

Sarah E. - Colorado Springs

Robyn F. - Philadelphia

Mari B. – Portland, Maine

Rebecca A. – White Oak, PA