Trail Sisters Coaching Grants

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Life Time & Boundless are providing six coaching grants in an effort to empower and grow women’s participation in trail racing. Each grant includes personalized coaching and an entry into either the Leadville Trail 10k or any of the Austin Rattler Run distances!

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Leadville, Colorado

August 13th, 2023

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Austin, Texas

November 4th, 2023

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We understand the importance of performance, and the power and guidance of personalized coaching. Having help in discovering one’s abilities, bringing awareness to what’s possible, and aiding in a renewed sense of confidence can create a life changing impact.

In growing women’s participation in trail running, we want to be conscious and intentional in breaking down barriers and fostering empowerment. This coaching grant aims to set nine women on a path of both physical and mental success (on and off the race course).

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Gina Lucrezi

Trail Sisters Founder

Rules & Guidelines

All abilities and experience levels are encouraged to apply! Please submit an application for the race event/s you are interested in by the corresponding deadline.


  • Trail 10k: Midnight of July 11th
  • Austin Rattler Events: Midnight August 18th

Recipients will be announced and contacted via email 3-7 days after the application window has closed.

Participants must 18 yrs or older, and US residents.

Winners are responsible for providing their own travel and lodging for the event.

Prize package is not transferable and must be used in 2023.

Coaching provided by the official Leadville Race Series coaching partner, Boundless Coaching.

Recipients agree to allow usage of their name, image, likeness, and application information for announcements, posts, and articles from both Trail Sisters, Life Time, and Boundless Coaching.

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Apply for the Grant!

Entries closed August 18th.

Austin Rattler Awardees


"I'm so excited for this opportunity! As a mom of three kids, an educator, and an advocate in nonprofit work, it's so hard to commit to doing things for myself. And as a woman who has recently learned to cope with depression and anxiety, I promised myself that this year that I would take advantage of opportunities that scare me and give me a chance to grow. I'm so grateful for this chance to do just that!"


"I am so excited to have been awarded this grant! I first became interested in ultra running because it's a true showcase of how extraordinary people are and can be, just within their body. I want to also be extraordinary. Growing up in sports, I always wanted to become a runner, but never knew where or how to start, or how to keep self-discipline. Aside from running my neighborhood 5ks and 10ks, I wasn't aware of what running could truly be. Seeing the incredible achievements from people of all ages in the running community builds excitement for my future to come."


"Thank you so much for this opportunity ! When I started triathlon years ago as an overweight, non athletic mom of two, I had no idea of the world that would open up to me and the power of camaraderie. As I have been searching for new challenges to push myself and test my abilities, I recognize the value that a group of like minded women can have on each other's success and enjoyment. This now grandma of one is looking forward to that sisterhood and adventure on the trails."

Leadville 10k Awardees


“I’m thrilled to be selected for the coaching grant! As a long time runner I have always enjoyed the freedom that comes with running, the challenge, and the process of training for a race. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I need to be more thoughtful about how I train. I’m looking forward to the guidance and expertise from this coaching grant. And, I’m super excited to run at Leadville’s high altitude!”


“I’m looking forward to this coaching program, to building trail running health and strength, and learning how to increase my speed and distance. I want to absorb the great experience Leadville has to offer for women and diversity. I am excited about this opportunity provided by Trail Sisters.”


“I am so grateful that Trail Sisters empowers women to go after their (sky high) goals. I’m a sea-level beast coast runner who fell in love with Leadville this summer at the marathon. Receiving a coaching grant means so much to me because of the opportunity to learn about racing at altitude from coaches who have that specialized knowledge (and the chance to visit Leadville again is so incredible)!”

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