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Wool: Performance, Functionality, and Products

Materials matter, especially when using them for performance purposes. Functionality is king, as it determines your comfort, security, and overall enjoyment while recreating. Wool is considered one of the best performance materials on the market, as its functionality second to none. Let’s go through what makes wool a go-to material for your outdoor adventures.

Ask TS : Strength Training Exercises

I know we are all supposed to do it, but how important is strength training for overall running fitness? And if you could only do one exercise, what would it be and why?

Sister Time on the Long Path

We chose to tackle three sections of the Long Path. The Long Path is a storied 357+ mile hiking trail stretching from the George Washington Bridge in New York City to Altamont near Albany. It runs north into the Palisades along the Hudson River before veering west into Harriman State Park and the Catskills.

Ask TS : When to use Poles

I see lots of people using them, both in hiking and trail running, and I’m thinking about getting some. Are they mainly used for going uphill, and is there a technique to using them?

Dear Tiny Trail Sister,

Being a Trail Sister will teach you many things. I know that when I bring you along to group runs, to hikes, or to volunteer and cheer at races, you’ll be surrounded by incredible women who will show you that you can do the hardest things.

Choosing Your First Thru-Hike

In addition to length, which—although not the most important factor—should definitely be considered, other factors that should be used to choose your first thru-hike are: complexity of logistics, terrain and climate, navigational challenges, physical difficulty, and popularity.

Loving Where You Are At

Something that always makes me groan inwardly when I see an article about trail or ultra running are the photos that accompany it. Without fail, these photos are on some crisp mountainside at the peak of summer or desert mountains in Arizona or some cool forest in the Pacific Northwest. As a midwesterner my entire life, I long to live somewhere with daily views like those photos, but my reality is quite different.

Running Away from Goals and Towards Intentions

I crossed the finish line with half a minute to spare but felt miserable and unsatisfied. The pursuit of this arbitrary goal time led to several weeks of not being able to enjoy running. I left the race village with a medal around my neck, but also with a lingering cramp and confusion about who I was as a runner. If I’m not chasing faster paces am I doing anything productive at all?

Ask TS : Social Media Trolls

I’d love to hear your advice on dealing with trouble causing comments that are made to discredit race or adventure efforts on social media. I recently posted about an FKT I accomplished and was proud of, but received comments on how it wasn’t fast, that it was an easy course, and other things that stole the joy from my effort.

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