Women of the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run

presented by:

The North Face

Wednesday, July 10th

2:30-4:30 PM MDT

Anesi Park - Silverton, CO

Livestream Broadcast

About the Event

Join hosts Gina Lucrezi and Meghan Hicks Wednesday, July 10th from 2:30-4:30 PM MT at Anesi Park in Silverton, CO for the 7th annual Women of Hardrock Hundred Panel, and Meet & Greet Social presented by The North Face. The event will also be broadcast on the official Hardrock 100 livestream.

The Women’s Panel event was created in 2017 by Trail Sisters founder Gina Lucrezi, to bring more awareness and celebration to all of the women running in the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run. Every female entrant running in the 2024 event has been invited to participate on the panel. 

We are looking forward to learning more about everyone’s journey, background, and why running Hardrock is meaningful to each of them. We believe that sharing stories helps to inspire others, while bridging the gap in relatability and what is possible and achievable.

The panel event will be held 2:30-3:30 PM, followed by a meet & greet social until 4:30 PM. Attendees will enjoy free beverages, snacks, and raffle prizes from The North Face! 

2024 Women of the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run

Confirmed panelists below. List updated as participants confirm.
Every female participant of the 2024 Hardrock Hundred is invited to participate as a panelist.

Picture of Gina Lucrezi (Host)

Gina Lucrezi (Host)

Gina has always been stubborn and bold, so when it came to advocating for women’s rights and equality in the outdoors, she was bound to make changes. As the founder of Trail Sisters, Gina’s goal is to grow participation and opportunity in women’s trail and ultra running. Gina is a Trustee for the Town of Buena Vista, Colorado, Vice-President of Chaffee County Search & Rescue North, and Race Director for the Lake Sonoma 50 Mile, Marathon, and Trail Sisters Half Marathon. Recently, she has launched her candidacy for Chaffee County Commissioner! Doing impactful work that benefits the community is what Gina enjoys the most.

Picture of Meghan Hicks (Host)

Meghan Hicks (Host)

Hailing from Silverton, Colorado, and Moab, Utah, Meghan is the editor-in-chief of the running publication iRunFar, the volunteer vice president of the Hardrock Board of Directors, and a four-time Hardrock finisher. Meghan’s professional passion is helping to amplify the stories of the people and landscapes of our sport. When it comes to Hardrock, Meghan’s passions lie in helping to maintain the health and well-being of the nonprofit event in an increasingly commercial sport, helping to grow the presence of women and other underrepresented groups in the event’s community, and helping the event to become an advocate for the delicate natural environment through which it travels.

Picture of Jordan Maki

Jordan Maki

Jordan was born in South Carolina but lives in a great little mountain town in Australia, with her husband and two daughters. Jordan’s big passions are playing in the mountains and building community. She’s been running trails since age 18 and at age 36, that’s half of her life! Hardrock has been a goal since 2013, so and Jordan is overwhelmed to finally be toeing the line, equal parts scared and buzzing to go on the big journey!

Picture of Jenny Capel

Jenny Capel

Jenny is a 51-year-old human and dog physical therapist who has been ultrarunning for 22 years. Jenny is also a mother, wife, daughter and crime show aficionado. Hardrock has been a long time coming (9 years) and she’s so grateful to be here.

Picture of Yitka Winn

Yitka Winn

Yitka lives in the Seattle area with her husband, toddler daughter and portly tuxedo cat. She's a writer, editor, guidebook author (of Beer Hiking Colorado, originally written when Yitka lived in the San Juans for several years), former associate editor at Trail Runner magazine, and four-time winner of Cascade Crest 100. This will be her first time toeing the start line at Hardrock!

Picture of Yvonne Naughton

Yvonne Naughton

Originally from Ireland, Yvonne just recently moved from Bend, Oregon to Durango, CO. She never ran further than 200 meters as a track athlete, and was the Irish National triple jump champion at the age of 17. However, Yvonne discovered ultrarunning in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since! She was a medical volunteer at Burrows aid station for 5 years before finally getting off the waitlist 2 weeks before the race in 2023.

Picture of Becky Bates

Becky Bates

Becky is from Kimberley B.C. Canada. This will be her 3rd Hardrock start, her first in the clockwise direction. Becky’s first Hardrock was in 2017, it was her 2nd hundred miler, and she got in with one ticket. Becky is proof (hope) that lotteries do work!

Picture of Marta Fisher

Marta Fisher

Marta has been a runner since she was 15. The running goal Marta has had the longest is to keep being a runner until she gets an award for just being the oldest one out there. Marta pays the bills working as an epidemiologist for a county health department. This will be her 2nd HR100 (both directions!!!)

Picture of Courtney Dauwalter

Courtney Dauwalter

Courtney is an ultra marathon runner living in Leadville, Colorado. In 2023 Courtney became the first person ever to win the Western States 100, Hardrock 100 and the UTMB, three iconic 100-mile races, in the same year. She was the overall winner of the Moab 240 Mile Endurance Run in 2017, she ran 279 miles in the 2018 Big's Backyard Ultra, 2x 1st place female at Western States Endurance Run, 2x 1st place female at Hardrock, and 3x 1st place female at UTMB. Her curiosity for what the human body and brain are capable of is what keeps her heading out the door every day to train, and she loves candy.

Picture of Tara Warren

Tara Warren

Tara lives with her hubby, two teenage boys and pup in the mountains of northern Utah. She’s found her passion in adventuring in the Wasatch Mountain trails above her city. Tara is a running coach, RD and looking to finish her 18th 100 miler at Hardrock this year. She’s also looking to become the first female finisher of the Rocky Mountain Slam since 2016. Those 100 mile races include Bighorn, Hardrock, Wasatch, and the Bear. This attempt is in honor of her mom who passed in 2016 from ALS. As part of the RMS this year, she hopes to raise money and awareness for the ALS association:

ALS Association
Picture of Laney Baris

Laney Baris

Laney started trail running in her 30s because she loved hiking and wanted to cover more miles in a day! Laney’s husband partnered with her for the Transalpine Run for 3 years and naturally, that morphed into running ultras, including 100 and 200 mile races. Laney is a veterinarian from New Jersey (for 24 years) and works primarily for animal shelters.

Picture of Sawna Guadarrama

Sawna Guadarrama

Sawna is from Altadena, CA. By day, she tackles a full-time job, but on the trails, Sawna’s passion for the outdoors fuels her —running up mountains, climbing rocks, and exploring trails with her dogs. After 8 years, Sawna is excited (and petrified) for the chance to push herself to the limit, embrace the pain, and make her dream of running Hardrock and kissing the rock a reality.

Picture of Maggie Guterl

Maggie Guterl

Maggie has been ultrarunning for exactly 13 years to the date. She has run all flavors of ultras from 24 hours to 250 milers. Maggie was the first woman to win Big's Backyard Ultra as the last person standing (after 250 miles!). The last two years she has experienced her first long term injury while training for Hardrock 2022. Her "why" behind running has changed a lot in those two years.

Picture of Katharina Hartmuth

Katharina Hartmuth

Katharina is from Germany but living in Switzerland where she enjoys the beauty of the Swiss Alps. Katharina started trail running in 2016 and is a huge fan of long and technical races as well as self-supported solo adventures. Next to running up and down the mountains Katharina works as a scientist and enjoys all kind of endurance sports, particularly cycling and swimming!

Picture of Stacie Riddle

Stacie Riddle

Stacie is from California and has been ultra running for 10 years. She grew up riding horses, spending days and some nights out on trails, so she’s just out here doing horseless trail riding. Stacie moved out to Wyoming during the pandemic and fell in love with the Rockies. She also finally found out what was meant by "Sierra cement." Stacie’s run hundreds of ultras and many all over the world just wanting to explore remote places. If all goes according to plan, Hardrock will be Stacie’s 18th 100 mile finish and something she never thought she would get to do in this lifetime.

Picture of Deby Kumasaka

Deby Kumasaka

Deby loves the San Juan Mountains, as she has traveled from Washington to participate in Hardrock for the past 12 years as a participant and volunteer. Deby has three sons, two of which support her at her races. One has paced Deby at Hardrock for three years, one has crewed in all of her ultras, her third son will be crewing this year as well. Hardrock is truly a family celebration. In “real” life, Deby is a brain cancer research scientist trying to improve the lives of those afflicted.

Picture of Tara Dower

Tara Dower

On the Appalachian Trail Tara is known as Candy Mama. She received that name during her nearly 6 month thru hike of the 2,200 mile trail in 2019. That experience inspired her to live life to the absolute fullest and she made a vow to spend as much time on trails as possible. These days she is a professional ultramarathon trail athlete racing all over the country. Her favorite ultramarathon distance is the 100-miler because there are so many possibilities for adventure.

Picture of Pamela Harght

Pamela Harght

Pam began running trails in 2007 while attending Grad School in Kansas. Since then she has completed ~60 sub and ultra distance trail races including Dragons Back and Cape Wrath stage races, Orcas 100, Grindstone, Tor 130 (Italy), FatDog 120 and many others. She currently lives on the coast of Massachusetts with her husband and 3 year old daughter. In addition to running and being a mom, Pam works full-time running Business Development for a boutique research firm that provides management diligence for PE, campaign/opposition research and litigation support.

Picture of Amber Monforte

Amber Monforte

Amber is a 46 year old wife, mom of Enzo and Zoe (both 6), and a registered nurse. She switched from triathlon to ultras about 12 years ago after moving to Tahoe. Amber fell in love with the mountains and trails and never looked back.

Picture of Sandra Griffith

Sandra Griffith

Sandra is 51, lives in Evergreen Colorado, and this will be her 2nd Hardrock. Sandra is just doing what she can to keep running as she gets older. "That pretty much covers it I think without waxing poetic on all things that parallel life and running."

Picture of Emily Halnon

Emily Halnon

Emily Halnon is a writer and runner based out of Eugene, Oregon. She's the author of the national bestseller, To the Gorge, a running memoir that came out in May. Some of her most notable runs include setting the overall FKT on the 460-mile Oregon PCT and traversing every Domino’s Pizza in Eugene city limits. She's very excited and grateful to be starting her third straight Hardrock this summer and would like to thank her best friend, Dilly Pickle Chip, for sharing so many miles and snacks along the way.

Picture of Claire Heslop

Claire Heslop

Claire runs some big ultras, and also works as an emergency physician and teacher at the university of Toronto. Claire prioritizes petting dogs and eating ice cream, and long distance adventures.

Picture of Moira Flannery

Moira Flannery

Moira is a working single mama of three. Raising her kids in a little log cabin in the Wasatch mountains. She's a Neonatal Dietitian and lactation consultant working at the Children's hospital in Salt Lake. Moira has been trail running since her teens and ultra running since her 30s. She loves the 50k distance but has run up to 200 mile distance. It has taken about 10 years to get into Hardrock and Moira is honored to have made it in. The next step is to complete the loop. The Hardrock family is so special to Moira and she can't wait to share some miles with everyone.

Picture of Denise Klatt

Denise Klatt

Denise is from Hanover, Germany and works as a scientist in biomedical research at Boston Children's Hospital. She began trail and ultrarunning a few years ago after falling in love with hiking and alpinism in the European Alps. For Denise, running an ultra trail marathon is a fantastic way to challenge herself physically and to explore new parts of the country.