Trail Sisters Women's Trail Half-Marathon


Race Ethos

Trail Sisters was created to grow womxn’s participation and opportunity in trail running and hiking, through inspiration, education and empowerment.

We support all womxn, of all colors, of all sizes, of all abilities, of all ethnicities, of all beliefs, of all sexual orientations, and whether or not you consider yourself a Trail Sister. We also support our male counterparts who celebrate womxn and are doing what they can to grow equality and awareness (on and off the trails).

Trail Sisters has many goals and hopes to inspire many changes, but the one thing we know we can do is create an event to celebrate our love for the trails, and amplify our camaraderie for one another.


In creating a fair and inclusive event, we believe it is important to provide policies that are clear, accepted, and understood by all who are participating at the event.


We will be requiring all participants, volunteers, and spectators attending the event to follow current Chaffee County and Town of Buena Vista COVID rules and guidelines. 

At this time: Runners at not required to wear masks. When outside in large areas, individuals are not required to wear a mask unless standing 3ft or closer to others. Every individual should always have a mask on hand and ready to us.

Water and Aid Stations will be set up to accommodate individual servings, and to control the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer will also be available. 

If the pandemic ramps back up making the event unsafe, the RD will communicate the next steps via email and updates to the race site.

Cancelation Policy

Refunds – If you need to cancel before August 1, you will receive a full refund except for a $10 transaction fee.

Rollovers – Rollovers to the next year are permitted until August 31st.

After September 1st no refunds, rollovers, or deferrals are allowed.

Should the race director need to cancel the race for any reason, including but not limited to severe weather, forest fire, any act of God type situation, BLM or Town of BV permit changes, or a change in the pandemic situation, she will alert runners as soon as possible. All efforts will be made to return as much of the entry fee as possible. 

Pregnancy Deferral

Mamma’s this one’s for you. If you become pregnant after registering, or have just had a baby (and your body isn’t in a place you feel comfortable racing yet), we are happy to defer your entry to the following year. Please just let us know by Sept 1st, if you’d like to defer.

Transgender and Non-binary Entrant Policy

We are utilizing the policy Western States Endurance Run has created, with a few minor edits to fit our event. *Kudos to WSER for taking the helm and bringing awareness and progression.

A male-to-female transgender entrant can register to compete as a female provided the runner has been undergoing continuous, medically supervised hormone treatment for gender transition for at least one year prior to the race.

Since this is a womxn’s only race, a female-to-male transgender entrant who has begun hormone treatment related to their gender transition that includes testosterone or any other banned substance, can no longer register to compete.

Non-binary entrants will have the ability to register as a Trail Sister or Trail Runner, but their birth gender must be female to compete.

Event Policies Last Updated : 5/1/2021