Meghan Campbell

I live in Mountain Green, Utah with my best friend and our 3 kids – hiking as a family is one of my most favorite things ever. I’m so grateful my husband shares this passion as it’s not always easy to get 3 little ones up the mountain, but always worth it. On the trail I get to watch them problem solve, develop mental and physical toughness, and fall in love with something that may one day provide a much needed safe-haven, as it did for me. Plus I’ve found I get invaluable insights into their little worlds; they tell me things after hours on the trail that I’m not sure they ever otherwise would. I love them something fierce. I am also very fortunate to work with a couple of my closest trail sisters at Wildflower Outdoor; I am passionate about our mission to encourage, support and bring together women who love outdoor adventure and value active, healthy lifestyles.

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