Annika Brubaker



About Me

I am a farmer’s wife, blessed mom of two, avid runner (most runs are pushing my kids in the jogger) and I enjoy cooking or baking nutritious food to fuel our bodies.

I have zero background with running in school or college. I was the least athletic person growing up and hated anything related to sports.
I started running in 2013 as a way to work through grief & depression after the sudden death of my Dad (he was a firefighter & runner). Running just “clicked,” I love it and haven’t stopped since! In the beginning, I knew nothing about running . But I was determined to improve my running and kept challenging myself with harder goals. My greatest enjoyment is trail running. This is where I find my motivation to keep going on the hard days.

Fight, Finish, Keep the Faith!

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I am passionate about helping others not make the same mistakes I did. My desire is to help athletes chase their dreams and do the impossible! As a running coach, I am here to train, motivate and encourage you to run your best and enjoy the training.

After learning the hard way and making a lot of dangerous mistakes, I starting reading anything about running, studying about running & training, and studying runners (ha!). I improved my own running so much that my friends and family started asking for advice with running and training for marathons.

In 2018 I made it “official,” became a certified running coach with RRCA. I’ve been coaching on-line since then. I have also assisted with half and full training plans for an in-person running group.
Running and training should be fun and you should enjoy it! Training should fit into YOUR lifestyle & routine and NOT take it over! I customize every plan/workout so it is built around your availability to train, your fitness goals and races. Training should be properly balanced with your everyday life and running goals (that I can help you achieve).

A few other things I like to help my athletes with…
Good Nutrition (fuel and refuel as I call it)
Proper Running Gear
Incorporating cross-training and strength training
Warm-up and cool-down before with each run
Rest Days (give your body some TLC)

I love working with people of all ages who are just getting started with running OR… returning to running after taking some time off. I really enjoy helping runners learn all things running related – from nutrition to speed workouts, cross-training to running gear, rest days to long runs.
I have special place in my heart for Moms, getting back to their goals, fitness & training after taking time off with babies

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