Holly Robertson

The Happy Running Habit

Colorado Springs, 

About Me

Hi, I’m Holly! As your happy running coach, I’m ready to turn everything you believe about running on it’s head. Having completed hundreds of races, worked for multiple marathons, and trained as a DI collegiate athlete, I have the specific expertise to guide you to your first finish line, or a new personal record. But more importantly, I’ll also help you find joy, purpose, and community along the way. I feel passionately that running isn’t about weight loss or looks – it’s about celebrating the beautiful, brave, bad ass that you are, every single day.

We have fun, and some days we might look good while we’re doing it, but this isn’t about muscle definition. There is no 'Runner’s Body'. This is about who you are in your soul - you were born a runner, no matter what you look like, how far you run, or how fast you can go.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I coach my athletes to become who they’re meant to be – lifelong runners, both striving for their best, and also striving for joy. Through customized training strategy, individual instruction, and guided reflection, I offer my perspective and experience. But more importantly, I also provide unconditional support for every dream, unlimited yee-haws, and boundless enthusiasm, encouragement, and optimism. Together, we’ll move mountains! My philosophy: Remember the 8-year-old you, the little girl with big dreams, who didn’t care about calories, or minutes per mile, or step count? Let’s run for her. I believe in striding, and I believe in shuffling. I believe in racing your dog, and also the ice cream truck. I believe in midnight runs. I believe in tempo runs. I believe in walk-runs. I believe in parking lot dance parties, everyday donuts, and strong coffee. I believe in the power of a new running outfit, and I believe in the tantalizing magic of a PR. I believe in taking the long road, and I believe pink goes with everything. Every warrior needs to rest, and I believe bubble baths can make all the difference. I believe all bodies are good bodies. I believe in running on the hard days, on the worst days, on the days when the wind comes from every direction and every turn is uphill, because I also believe that sometimes happiness feels hard. I believe we’re stronger together. In fact, I believe you already belong here, you just might not know it yet. In the end, I believe we are all on the same trail, no matter our speed. There are some who might doubt us, disparage us, discourage us. They just don’t understand the power of positivity yet. We’ll show them what a happy runner can do. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

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