Jennifer Woltjen

Koach Jen

New York

About Me

I am a certified running coach and personal trainer. I have been running for over 20 years and completed several marathons, ultra marathons, half-marathons and numerous other shorter races. My passion is helping others achieve their fitness goals through running. My goal is to educate my clients about how best to incorporate running into their lifestyle and enjoy running as a lifelong activity. Please feel free to read more about my running and fitness credentials on my website.

One Training Cycle does not make a great runner. The work you put in now, pays off in 6 months, in a year. That is what keeps getting me out the door.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I enjoy working with new runners, experienced runners and runners looking to re-start their running journey. I do not offer cookie-cutter training programs but rather I offer an individualized approach based on your current fitness and running goals. I prefer to work with runners on a long-term basis to help them achieve their goals. My emphasis is on injury prevention and I include running-specific recommendations on strength, core and flexibility. I can work with clients no matter where you live using an online coaching program. I enjoy personal interactions with my clients on regular basis as back and forth feedback is important to your progress. Please feel free to read more on my website about how I offer my coaching services.

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