Addie Desmarais

I grew up in the heart of the Adirondack’s in Upstate NY, and found my passion for trail running while traveling across the country as a travel nurse. Growing up, running for me involved either a sprint on the track, a ball in lead to score points, or trying to outrun the cops from a bonfire. It was entirely foreign to me, but once I realized you can combine running and hiking my mind was blown! While working as a bedside nurse for nearly ten years, frolicking on the trails has also helped to provide a balance from the stressors in life. My goals are not just about tackling new trails and distances, but also on becoming more involved with the trail running community, whether that will be volunteering at a local race or forming new lifelong friendships.


FOMO, aka fear of missing out, is the anxiety created by the constant influx of information on social media informing you that your friends are doing something way more fun than you are.