Aileen McKeown

Aileen is a runner of trails, climber of mountains, swimmer of lakes and oceans, and a huge fan of Lucky Charms and chocolate-covered espresso beans. She hangs out in North Vancouver, BC. You can find her on Instagram @aileeenpatricia

Inspirational Adventure Books for Your 2021 Reading List

Being injured has been incredibly challenging, but I have realized that reading about some of the amazing things that badass women have done in the outdoors and the impossible challenges that they have overcome, somehow allows a tiny voice in my mind to tell me that maybe, I can do badass things too.

Finding Simplicity and Gratitude in Running

Last spring I ran the Diez Vista 50km trail race. Around 30km into the race, I was about to start on a long out-and-back section. I had run this part of the course before and was dreading the slog up the unrelenting undulating hills in a rainstorm.

Running in the Face of Self-Doubt

This past summer, I spent almost 12 hours at the 65km aid station for the Squamish 50 Miler as a first aid attendant. I got to cheer on so many amazing runners, but there was one runner who stood out to me. They had fallen in this same race last year, broke their hip, and had been unable to run for over 6 months after their accident.