Amanda Roe

Amanda is a naturopathic doctor based in Gisborne, New Zealand. Her work jam is women’s endocrine regulation, particularly as it pertains to trail-running & endurance medicine. She loves to teach groups of women who want to understand their bodies and optimize their function. Amanda believes in the healing power of nature and thus gives every patient a “Nature Rx” as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Outside work, she hits the trails before sunrise, stays warm in a rainbow terry cloth tracksuit, and is raising 2 half-Kiwi kids with her Kiwi husband. Visit Amanda’s website:

Perimenopause: What is it?

I’d love to ignore perimenopause, but it doesn’t work that way in the human body. It starts as early as 35, setting us on a strange trajectory of ebbing and flowing physiological states. Perimenopause overlaps with an established monthly flux, with little to guide us except the experience of other people who have gone through what we’re going through.

Amanda Roe

Wellness Goal Setting

Goal-setting. That’s an easy topic for most of us trail runners. The next race, the next adventure run, the next big fat ass* are always at the ready.

When Smoke Fills the Air

*Updated from the 2017 article “When the Forest is on Fire” Feature Photo: Jeff Fisher Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.  Where there is a big

Trails and Hearing Loss

“Mama, listen. It’s so quiet. It’s silent.” I was waiting for my son to take a picture of a cool fungus he found growing on the forest floor, and my daughter, in her typical fashion, flew down the trail like a busy little bird. She stopped about 30 yards ahead and yelled back again, “Mama, it’s silent here!”

Failing Up

Recently, Tracee Ellis-Ross interviewed Michelle Obama, and there was a moment during the interview that gave me pause. More pause and more gratitude. I came

Where to Run in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Within minutes of landing in Portland, you’re likely to see a bumper sticker, or in some cases, huge murals that beg to “Keep

When the Forest is on Fire

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.  Where there is a big fire, there is smoke for a long time.  As I type this, the Eagle Creek

The Change We Cannot See

I’ve long said that a change in perspective can do more for my mood and gratitude than any material object. I go to the woods

Nature’s Medicine

Are there more benefits to trail-running verses road–running? That is the question.  Whether you’re a veteran of the trail, or you’ve just gotten the first