Christa Holland

I‘m a German by heritage and a Cheesehead by birth! Ope, let me squeeze right past ya on the trail. I have a Bachelor‘s in English and have been to Europe four times. I’ve been running since age 3 (kiddie track meets) and have only taken breaks when largely pregnant or injured. I ran my first marathon the morning of my dad’s funeral. I was blessed to qualify for Boston at that same race (Milwaukee‘s LakeFront Marathon) 2 years later. When I’m not working, I am on the trails (#OMRTrailTeam, #TeamSCSE, #TrailSisters,) at soccer games, reading, eating all the delicious vegetarian foods out there, attending church, playing piano, writing, fostering a puppy, traveling (we’ve been to all 50 states now!), toting my kids to their other activities, or dreaming up my next grand adventure. I recently completed the Sugar Badger 50k to earn the title of ultramarathoner and completed a sprint triathlon with my teenager!

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