Elizabeth Hoekstra

Elizabeth Hoekstra

E. Lisa Hoekstra is a Registered Nurse, working for the State of New Hampshire protecting the rights and needs of people with disabilities. She is a freelance writer and author, writing about marriage, health, faith, and trail running. Though she rarely wins any trail races, she keeps toeing the start line anyway. Her dream is to see master’s level runners be recognized for FKT’s on established long-distance trails.

Following Mom’s Lead

Mom was in the hospital. Again. Three different hospitals in the past 12 months. Cardiac issues with a pacemaker, gut issues with such significant weight loss she opted for palliative care. The step before Hospice.

Mount Sunapee, NH

Time on Feet Training

The only fresh air I inhaled for 72 hours was the puff of New Hampshire February chill when I opened and closed the slider on