Heather Cote

Heather Cote is a lifelong outdoors woman, getting her start as a young child with horses. She discovered ultrarunning, long distance hiking and a love for all things trail in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Heather is an active member of the local race community, often volunteering for aid stations and helping mark courses. She is lucky enough to call the New Hampshire White Mountains her playground and will be thru hiking and section hiking now that she has a little more flexibility in her work schedule. When she isn’t in the woods, Heather is spending time with her husband and fur kids.

A Beautiful DNF

I was locked into the sound of my breath, the trail under my feet and my desire to catch the sun from the summit before it dipped down below the trees. While my legs were still working after 40 miles, I knew when I hit that summit, I was going to let my crew know my day was over.

Off-Season Base Building

New Hampshire winters used to be my opportunity to put on some weight, store away my outdoor gear and hibernate.  While reading endless books, chowing