Katie Grossman

Katie Grossman is a freelance advertising and outdoors writer based in Wrightwood, CA. She’s expanded her repertoire to include Mountain Ultra Trail runner, wife, backcountry skier, and mama of 2 little trail sisters – in that chronological order.

The Race for Our Lives: America’s Maternal Mortality Crisis

While the global maternity mortality rate has dropped by 44 percent worldwide between 1990 and 2015, and by 48 percent in developed countries, the US is one of only 13 nations who has seen its maternal death rate rise. That’s the US, as in the United States of America, as in a first-world developed country, as in the people who, half a century ago, sent a man to the fucking moon.

Alma Zavala

Female Veterans Find a Place to Heal in the Trail Running Community

We convene at a summer camp in mountainous terrain, for three days of trails, talks, and other such fun, and although I am in attendance as a staff mentor, I am always the one left inspired. By our campers’ sacrifices. Their experiences. What they’ve overcome. What they’re working to achieve. This special trail running camp hosts veterans of our nation’s Armed Forces.

The Choice

Like last month, I’m equal parts disappointed and relieved.  On one hand, I wanted to get on with it.  On the other, I’m excited to crack a beer and plot tomorrow’s adventure.  I’m not pregnant yet.  Darn, and also phew.

Expecting More

When I became pregnant, I believed I’d fall into one of two categories with regards to running. Either I’d be the fittest pregnant woman to

A Woman’s Place

This January, my husband and I moved from Los Angeles to a town without a stoplight.  But this isn’t your typical city-hater, middle finger to