Sophia Miracolo

At 31 years old, Sophia is happily re-rooting herself in her native Sweden after many years of living in New York City (where she learned everything about donuts, bubble tea and, well, pizza). Nothing gets her heart beating more than running does, both literally and figuratively – the longer the better, and preferably in a place where people are rare and nature wild. Wintertime, you’ll find her cross-country skiing (the national sport of Sweden) until the sun goes down. Off the trails, Sophia dreams of writing a vegetarian cookbook for endurance athletes with her husband Michael, and together, they love caring for their vegetable garden. Website:

How to Be a Plant Based Runner (And Why You Should Try It)

“But how do you get protein?” Sigh. It’s 2019 and a food wave green as grass has been sweeping in all over the world over the past few years. Being a vegetarian isn’t uncommon anymore. Being a vegan isn’t all hippy dippy anymore. But athleticism and eating plant based? That still raises eyebrows.