Tara Holland

Tara has been running since high school cross-country, and is still going strong as a Masters runner. Since moving to Squamish in 2013, she has fallen in love with trail and ultra running and can usually be found gleefully galloping through the forest and up and down mountains with her amazing pack of trail sisters. She runs for the Distance Runwear Project team. In her off-trail life, she has a Ph.D. in Geography and teaches environmental science at the University of British Columbia.

5 Reasons We All Need Trail Sisters

I’ve been an endurance runner for almost 30 years, and for the majority of that time I have been predominantly a solo runner. Sure, I’ve run on teams, and with the odd training partner, but never until I moved to BC and the trails have I had such a solid group of trail sisters.

Adaptability in Training

Let’s be frank here. You’re training for a race, whether it’s an ‘A’ race or a stepping stone to a bigger goal. Maybe you are the type who follows a set training schedule, or maybe you just have an idea of the long runs and workouts you want to do leading up to the race (I fall into the latter category).

Climate Change and Wildfires

By now, you have probably heard the news that the 2018 North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco races were cancelled due to poor air quality