Carla Rodriguez Dimitrescu

Nutrition & Personal Training


About Me

Athletics have always been part of my life…I used to be a national level swimmer and I really didn’t start to run until the end of my university (swimming wasn’t fun anymore and needed a change). I absolutely looove coaching people, it makes me smile every day. I don’t just coach in running, thanks to my background I work with swimmers and triathletes too. Some of my credentials BSc LN Licensed Nutritionist (Mex) with specialization in sports nutrition PhD (doctorate) nutrition & metabolism (Can). Specialty in clinical nutrition Personal trainer specialist (with numerous certifications, Canadian fitness professionals) UESCA certified running and triathlon coaching

Rome wasn’t built in one day

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I work in a very personalized approach, this is all about the athlete and never about me. My training plans will adapt as much as possible to the athlete lifestyle (works, family, etc). Training is like a pizza and we need all the ingredients in order to run better, so you will see intervals, longer runs, recovery runs, etc all towards your specific goals and objetives; strength training is also an very important component which I always incorporate into the program. Additionally I excel at cross training so I can only incorporate other sports with the proper intensity to the running program. Last but not least nutrition coaching is always present, I use my extensive nutrition knowledge into personalized nutrition, each and every single of my athletes will learn how to fuel and train properly.

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