Chantelle Robitaille

Chantelle Robitaille



About Me

As a kid, I just ran for run and fitness while playing hockey. After hockey ended for me, I ran for stress relief and did my first organized race at the ripe old age of 27. From there, I moved on to adventure racing and dabbled at some coaching on the side. I was introduced to ultra trail running when I moved to the Swiss Alps for work and balanced a corporate job with racing and coaching runners preparing for various distances. Helping others find a way to reach their potential was such a powerful experience that it lead to me leaving corporate life and heading to grad school in order to improve my knowledge on the science of endurance sports. I have run ultras at a variety of distances and have also done some multi-day events and stage races in various countries around the world.

It never gets easier, you just get stronger.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

Alongside an M.S. in High Altitude Exercise Physiology, I also hold a sport nutrition certification. Being an ultrarunner and a science nerd, I enjoy taking an evidence-based approach to training that is suited to the unique physiology and lifestyle of every athlete that I work with. Athletes can expect a common-sense approach to training that fits in with their lives. Running and training is supposed to be fun, so balancing that with a busy lifestyle is key to making that happen.

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