Claudia Kelly

New Zealand

About Me

I’ve been a runner for nearly 20 years now and have developed a comprehensive understanding of the human body through my studies in sports science and medicine. But running to me is about more than science and sports performance! It’s about adventure, discovering new places on your own two feet. It’s about embracing the bodies we have been given, and treating them with respect and kindness. It’s about seeing how far you can go, and sometimes about knowing when to stop. I am passionate about guiding people to discover the joy of movement and to learn to appreciate and thrive in their bodies. From absolute beginners to those who have been around the block more than a few times, I’m here to help you reach your athletic potential!

You are tough and you are enough!

My Coaching Style / Methodology

Do you have a big goal or race in mind? Or are you stepping out the door for the very first time? Maybe you are struggling with an injury? Or curious about what your body is capable of? Do you want to build a lifelong relationship with running? Wherever you are in your running journey right now, I can help! I offer personalised online coaching with regular check-ins to ensure that your training plan is just right for you. After all, any journey is more fun when you have a partner alongside you! My approach is holistic and focuses on maintaining or building good mental and physical health whilst striving for greatness – whatever greatness may mean for you :)

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