Courtney Babcock-Key

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About Me

Hi! I went on to become an Olympian but my running career started late in high school after mostly team sports. I ran well enough to go the U of Michigan where my career jump started. I went on the be a pro athlete for 14 years. Former Canadian record holder in the 5k and 10k & Olympian on the track. The strongest part of my running is my mental Game which I learned mostly from my Dad. He was my mental coach and when the opportunity came up for me to coach I jumped at the chance to try and pass on all the amazing things I learned as an athlete, both mentally and physically from working with people from all over the world. Now I am so inspired by the people I get to work with. My Mission is always to provide a positive, encouraging, and educational space to help women reach their goals. I’m the person that puts the pieces of the running puzzle together. Life is great and hard and wonderful and busy and I’d love to take a few of those pieces out to help make your goals a little easier.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right”

My Coaching Style / Methodology

My background is on the track but I live in the mountains! I coach everything from the mile to the 50 miler (one of my athletes-mom-amazing women broke a 50 miler course record) They say there are science based coaches and feel based coaches. I’m a feel based coach. I like to get feedback on how your week felt to you. Did life get in the way and you missed a few days. Are you stressed and we need to back off some miles and add a few more rest days. Life outside of running affects us more than we think. I like to find patterns in your training of what works for you and where you feel sluggish. You can expect 1-2 hard efforts a week depending on experience and age. Mileage is very personal. I don’t think there is a one size fits all approach but a working together to see what works for you. I’ a huge advocate and believer in strength training. A strong runner makes a fast and healthy runner but again it doesn’t have to be 3 hours a week. You can accomplish a lot in a 30 minute session 2x a week with another 10 min core day. I find for a lot of people if you add too much it gets overwhelming and doesn’t get done at all. You can expect weekly things to think about both physically and mentally, personalized training plans and I’m focused on what matters and when we need to be but my personality is generally pretty laid back.

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