Dalton McCurdy


About Me

Starting at an early age, team sports instilled in me a love for running and all of the people and places it connects you with. After college I continued to use running to meet new people and explore new places. Then about 8 years ago I ran my first trail race. It ended with a big community pancake breakfast, a ridiculous number of hugs and high fives with strangers, and a finish line party. I have never looked back. Since this time running has continued to serve as a vehicle for connection and adventure and an opportunity to push limits, chase big scary goals and experience countless gratitude miles with new and old friends. Nothing makes me happier than supporting others in doing the same.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

If running isn’t enjoyable, you shouldn’t do it. Even when things get gritty, my approach is always to keep things fun (even if it’s the type 2 kind) and interesting.

I like to think creatively to personalize training to meet athletes where they are, keep the process exciting, and design expectations to fit alongside additional life demands. As a working mom of three, I understand the necessary dance to get things done and also the grace needed to sometimes just do what you can when you can. I have first hand experience in returning to running post-pregnancy (3 times!) as well as returning post-injury. Every single journey is different, but through strong communication and a constant feedback loop, I am passionate about helping athletes push limits. Whether it’s toeing the line in your first 5k, tackling an FKT, or training for a 100 miler, I love helping athletes identify goals that both motivate and excite them- and scare them maybe just a little bit too.

I will cheer you on the entire way and help you not only stay focused on your fitness, but also on the necessary mindset to keep pushing and hopefully stay smiling (just a little bit) when you’re in the grind.

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