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Dominique “Dee” Stasulli

Zeal Endurance Coaching


About Me

Endurance and strength coaching based in both passion for athletics and commitment to the science. As an instructor of health sciences with an educational background in kinesiology and sports conditioning, my coaching is evidence-based and individualized with the notion that each athlete deserves a program uniquely tailored to his/her physiology & goals. I’m whole-heartedly invested in my athletes, with the hope of inspiring a love for the process and a desire to continually grow and learn. Athletically, I’m a former DII Cross-Country and Track and Field athlete and currently compete in trail and road running, gravel, and multisport events around the world.

Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself, stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I believe that every athlete should feel a sense of both autonomy and ownership over their own personal athletic journey. My role as a coach is to foster the confidence that is a prerequisite for self-improvement and empower athletes to empower themselves. My goal is to educate individuals on how to become more self-aware, engaged, and deliberate in whatever their practice. Training is a delicate balance of bending but not breaking the body; pursuing continual adaptation but not putting the athlete at risk for injury. Your training should leave you feeling energized, not demolished. I aim to prescribe the “minimally effective dose,” reaching the same physiologic adaptations without accumulating unnecessary fatigue. With careful planning, your athletic pursuits should never detract from other areas of life or quench your passion for the process. Your training should elevate all aspects of your life, with the resulting physical and mental growth transcending beyond sport, into your career, family, friendships, children, and more.

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