Elizabeth Knight

Flower Power Health, LLC


About Me

I am a lifelong lover of adventure who first took up running as an adult to manage the stress of nursing school. You can find me lining up for trail and road races, cheering on the field at local ultras, and offering jokes and encouragement at group runs around town. I’m a dedicated mid-pack runner with a penchant for the science of training, nutrition, and healthcare (I have a PhD in nursing science and am certified in coaching through the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine). Throughout my career in healthcare, I’ve focused on cardiovascular health and wellness. Now as a coach, I help people use running to achieve their best possible physical and mental health, starting where they are today.

Transform yourself to transform the world.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

My highest value as a coach is inclusivity: I work with people of all genders, ages, races, sexual orientations, and abilities. I specialize in working with beginners, people returning to running after time away, and people who love running for fun and want to break through to the next level. Everyone can benefit quality coaching— not just the elite speedsters! I can help you prepare for a race or adventure, use running to mange physical and mental health needs, find joy in consistent running— or all of the above. My health and wellness-focused coaching can help you identify meaningful running goals, stay healthy, avoid injury, and develop sustainable habits to support lifelong athleticism. We focus on running, but also sleep, nutrition, mobility, strength, stress management, and more. I meet with clients in 1:1 live sessions for the ultimate in individual, personalized support (you’ll never be left wondering what to do or following a cookie-cutter plan).

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