Heather Cote

New Hampshire

About Me

In 2012, I laced up my first pair of trail shoes after running for barely a year. I use the term running loosely… after all, I had started and stopped for the better part of eleven years. I was constantly derailed by shin splints, strained hamstrings, my brutal work schedule (shift work), my health and a variety of forces I allowed to influence my ability to find a rhythm as an athlete… also known as excuses.

A pair of trail shoes changed all of that for me. With an original intent to become a stronger hiker, I hit the trails. I fell in love with the freedom, the woods, the mountains and even the climbs that still wind me and kick my ass today. This opened the door for hiking in the New Hampshire White Mountains, running distances of all types and eventually backpacking and fastpacking. Running helped me finish my career and find a new way to take care of myself. It is an honor to share this joy with others.

I enjoy running, strength conditioning, cycling (both indoor and gravel roads), and long distance hiking. You will often find me seeking elevation gain in our beautiful state. Backpacking is a unique part of my personal race training.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

My coaching style incorporates the activities an athlete already loves. I am an athlete who understands the value of injury prevention, joy in movement and how to work around busy schedules (shift work in particular!). I will bring these philosophies to each and every training plan crafted for you. Creative training plans, with a focus on consistency, is my forte!

I have always been a process person and the act of training suits that so well! My goal is to teach you to embrace the process, build a body that can handle (and enjoy) the strain of long efforts and keep you moving for a long time!

My motto is “training for life.” Let’s check out what that looks like for you!

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