Jenni Nettik

Jenni Nettik

Mercuria Running


About Me

I’ve been a runner since first grade, when I beat all the boys at recess. Since then, I’ve enjoyed running for fun, fitness, and a little competition. I coach because I want to help others become confident people — who dream big, challenge themselves, and work towards personal goals. As a coach I help my athletes understand WHY they run, teach them how to listen to their bodies (more isn’t always better), train intentionally, and find joy in movement. Currently, my favorite distance is the marathon. I thrive on the mental and physical challenges of running 26.2 miles. I enjoy both road and trails! The road challenges me with speed and repetition. The trails take me incredible places and keep me testing my limits.

Be kind to yourself.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I specialize in form coaching, training plans, and online coaching. The goal of form coaching is to help runners run in a healthy way, often runners find they can run faster and without pain after making just a couple of small adjustments. I design training plans to help runners reach their personal goals, like run their first marathon, PR in a favorite race, or qualify for the Olympic Trials. Online coaching is the weekly support that keeps runners accountable, adjusting training to life’s challenges, and maintaining perspective through the highs and lows of training.

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