Jessica Schnier

Smiles and Miles Coaching, LLC

San Diego, 

About Me

I am a trail runner who enjoys a sprinkle of road races now and again. I am originally from the Midwest, but now live in San Diego, California and coach runners of all ages, abilities, and goals. My background is in scientific research and education – I have a B.S. in Biology & Environmental Science and a Master’s in Science Education. While in school, I was a Women’s Captain of the Iowa State Running Club for a few years, where the seeds of run coaching were planted. I pursued running coaching full time with the help of the Coaches of Color Initiative and haven’t looked back since!

Being as kind to yourself as you are hard on yourself is a skill you have to actively nurture.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

1) Being Human Comes First – We are humans who run, not runners who human! Training should fit into the context of your life, whatever that means at this moment in time.

2) Science-Based Approaches – I recognize that there are many biases present in the science-world, such as gender and accessibility to certain resources. My goal is to apply scientific principles as best possible to my athletes as individuals.

3) Longevity Approach – The goal is to have a lifetime of happiness in running so we can continue to enjoy the process as long as we wish! This approach tackles many things, such as the enjoyment of our sport, how we train, and how we prioritize recovery.

4) Running on Kindness – It takes practice to be kind to ourselves. I hope to promote a safe environment for ALL, no matter your background or identities, and encourage a space for you to be proud of yourself always.

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