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About Me

rted running in elementary school. My gym coach at the time discovered that I was really good at the mile and encouraged me to keep running. So I did. All through junior high and high school. But the competition aspect of track – in which I ran the 4×800, 1600, and 3200 – soured me on the experience. I also played tennis and had a horse named Flash who I rode often, so I wasn’t hurting for ways to stay active. I thus gave up competitive running during college, occasionally going for a jog or hopping on the treadmill at Georgetown’s student gym. And then, in my 20’s, I rediscovered my love for running for the simple sake of running. Pounding the pavement quickly became my primary form of stress relief, which led to a full-fledged love affair. I still occasionally raced – even winning a few half- and full-marathons and PR’ing in the half at 1:26 and the full at 3:10 – but really I trained just because I loved to run. Around the same time, my brother – who had previously been much more of a basketball devotee – discovered the art of ultrarunning, so we started meeting up 1-2x/year to race together. In 2021, we placed first overall together in the Ragnar New Jersey Trail Black Loop race.

In 2018, after we lost our mother to a crushing form of dementia (aren’t they all?), I decided it was time to fully pursue my life’s passions. I became a certified personal trainer (ACE), a certified running coach (RRCA), and I obtained a Master of Science in Exercise, Fitness, and Health Promotion from George Mason University.

With these creds, I slowly started building a second career. My main professional path has been in recruiting for the language services industry, and I was lucky enough to have an employer who encouraged me to also pursue these outside passions! And so I started slowly but surely taking on new clients. I created a local running program that has grown into a wonderful group, was hired by the online coaching business, Team RunRun, and I took on other new responsibilities, including acting as Community Coordinator for the national nonprofit, Healthy Kids Running Series. After all, my dedication to creating a healthier, more active community around me is meaningless if that doesn’t extend to my kids.

Every step forward is a victory.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I am all about flexibility and accountability. Most people seek out a coach because they know generally what they should be doing, but they lack the motivation and tools to hold themselves accountable. That said, I’m also a realist. Life happens. Sometimes our best laid plans…become unfeasible. So if we have to miss a workout or shift days on occasion, I’m here not to make you feel guilty, but rather to support you in finding a way to make your schedule work.

I am always available via text, email, WhatsApp, phone for words of encouragement, advice, clarification, etc. In addition, I am constantly learning myself (currently working on a NASM Nutrition Coach certificate course as well as an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist course), so I enjoy sharing new tidbits and tips with my clients regularly!

I truly believe anyone can be a runner. And not only that, anyone can find a way to ENJOY running and fitness. Self-care shouldn’t be a chore; it should have a prominent place in your life and make you happy.

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