Katie Pajerowski

Ascend Physical Therapy & Wellness


About Me

I first began running consistently while in physical therapy school, and discovered how training for a running goal constantly forced me to challenge what I thought my body was capable of. Since then I have completed races ranging from the half marathon to 50k distance, with my favorite runs always those on mountain trails. As an orthopaedic-specialist physical therapist, I am fascinated with human movement and the body’s ability to adapt. A desire to better serve runners and to help ‘bridge the gap’ from rehab to performance led me to get my coaching certification through RRCA.

True competition means rejecting the idea that it’s cool not to care - and about caring so much that you’ll spend months, years, a whole career maybe - chasing an objective that doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself. It means embracing an endless curiosity about your capability and your shortcomings. . . . Competition is for anyone brave enough to show up and try hard.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I focus on smart workload management to help runners progress towards their goals while reducing injury risk, and balancing both physical and mental health needs in order to promote longevity in the sport. Rehab to performance truly is a continuum, and I love being able to offer people the resources to help them navigate it. I strive to support runners of all ability levels, sizes, and ages.

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