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About Me

In 2009, I decided to take the leap and sign up for my first half marathon. I had played sports all through my childhood and had run a couple fun 5Ks, but a half marathon seemed so BADASS. I trained with a generic plan and got injured within my first month (don’t worry – I started training far enough in advance to run and complete my race!). I fell in love and ran another half marathon 6 months later. After those races, I walked on the D1 cross country team at my college and vastly improved my running with the help of my coach and our personal trainer. This is when I first saw the value in working with a coach for running. Fast forward to now, I’ve run multiple 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons, and one 50K (so far) and have become a United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy Certified Running and Ultrarunning Coach. I became a coach because I was sick of getting injured when trying to build back up to being able to run an ultra again in 2020 and wanted to learn how to properly train and help others do the same. My mission is to help women reach their running goals, whether that’s starting to run consistently or completing their 50th 50k.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

Right now, I am only offering 1:1 coaching where I have constant communication with my athletes either via their workout comments, emails or Zoom check ins. I deliver their training plans in 2 week detailed blocks but also give them a plan overview so they understand the blocks building up to their goal and understand the big picture. My coaching style is to support my athletes unconditionally and create an environment where they feel comfortable sharing more than just their running life with me (after all, running is just part of the package – everything else in my athlete’s life matters just as much, if not more). I want to help my athletes train for their goals while also learning how to adapt their training to fit into their lives and inspire them to dream big (like running ultras!).

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