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About Me

I grew up playing soccer and alpine ski racing, but always had an affinity for running. I enjoyed the fitness practices most for soccer and loved when our ski coach made us hike instead of taking the chairlift. My dad is a runner and he and I always did the holiday 5ks, running purely for the joy of besting ourselves. At age 16, I decided to run my first marathon before turning 17. I found an online training plan and did just that, 3 days before my 17th birthday. I went to college for alpine ski racing, but blew my knee out at the end of my freshman year. After 6 months on crutches and 9 additional months recovering from surgery, I found myself less interested in ski racing and more interested in the unique collegiate trail running team at Western Colorado University. The team has paid coaching, structured training, and epic travel/race opportunities! My TRUE passion was found. As is ALL TOO COMMON, I developed a sever eating disorder during my senior year. Shortly after graduating and beginning to run for my current coach, I went to inpatient eating disorder treatment at a facility that specializes in working with athletes. My coach forever changed my life, and recovery has helped me realize that a lifelong career in this sport is what I am destined for! I love pursuing the highest level of performance in my own trail and ultra running, but coaching fills my cup and gives me the opportunity to give back to the community that has forever changed me. I am IN IT. I am a coach because I want my athletes to find their potential in running AND in the rest of their lives.

We are stardust with delusions of grandeur

My Coaching Style / Methodology

I am all in on each athlete that I coach. I never give cookie cutter race plans, and operate on a long term time scale with my athletes. I focus on races as a way to celebrate the process! I never want athletes to feel pressured to do certain races, or like races are some sort of test that might provide validation.

I pride myself on staying as up to date as possible on the latest research in endurance performance, and then applying that to the individual athlete in a real world context. I work hard to tailor training to each athlete’s individual life goals AND athletic goals. Coaching is truly an art that incorporates applied science. I aim to help athletes balance life stress with their big running dreams, keeping in mind the stress from life and work priorities along with training stress. Along those lines, I prioritize longevity and helping each athlete to find joy and purpose in the every day process of being an athlete.

I ask that athletes let me take care of any necessary data analysis and that they prioritize finding fun and joy in the process. Fostering trust between myself and my athlete is non negotiable for me. I aim to have 100% honest and open communication with each athlete, checking in with each training log at a minimum of once per day and putting no limits on communication. Athletes have my personal phone number, email, etc. along with the communication in their training log. I ask my athletes to train based off of feel, trusting that I will concern myself with the important data to ensure we are on track for their goals and potential!

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