Michele Dillon

Michele Dillon

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About Me

I first started running in 2014 when I decided to train for a road marathon after never having ran more than a 5k. I was inspired by witnessing my friend finish an Iron Man. While I knew that I would never want to swim, bike AND THEN run, I figured I could run 26.2 miles if I set my mind to it. So that’s what I did, and it was hard. So hard I swore I would never do it again. But of course I did. It wasn’t until I discovered trail running a few years later that I truly found my passion. Since then, I have set my heart to running trail ultras, climbing 14ers and exploring basically anywhere I can with my own two feet.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

My mission is to work with beginner runners that want to get started with running on trail and/or road but haven’t known how to take that first step or find it to be a little too intimidating. I was that person once and I know those feelings. Nothing would make me happier than to be there providing encouragement with the hands on knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years coupled with a little science to provide a comfortable space for others where they feel like they can do what they have been dreaming about. I am by no means a fast runner myself so that’s not what the focus of my coaching will be (although, it will likely be a nice fun side effect of implementing workouts and dedication).

What I will bring to the table is excitement and encouragement for your journey, judgement free zone for any questions involving anything running (not just coaching related), positivity and realism for your goal setting and growing together as a team. I won’t always have the answers but if its something I can find for you, I will give it my all to do so! I have experience with both road running, which is what I started out with, and trail/ultra running, which is my current passion. Even though I choose and love to do the longer distances, I in no way expect that is what my athletes want to end up doing and would never pressure them to feel they would need to ever make that their goal. If you wanna train for a 5k, that’s great…I am so excited to help you get to where YOU want to go! I am not a perfect athlete myself (no one is) therefore I would never expect that from any of the athletes I coach.

What You Will Get From Me:

  • Remote and local coaching availability
  • Video or phone call checkups when needed with daily interaction through training log
  • Initial meeting done by phone or video chat, or in person if local and desired
  • Local open run meetups every 1-2 months
  • Affordable pricing with sliding scale options for those in financial need

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