Rebecca Johansson

The Performance Project

North Carolina

About Me

I am a sports scientist who specializes in running and triathlon coaching. I earned my Master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin and Ph.D. in exercise science from the University of Cape Town. I specialize in programs designed for runners, swimmers, and triathletes, as well as monitoring training load for all my athletes. I was a national level swimmer in the USA and was world ranked in the 1500m freestyle. I began coaching in 2008 after retiring from swimming, and began competing in triathlons and running. As a result, I gained a passion for teaching and getting people involved in sport, as it provides people with a community, healthy lifestyle, and realistic goals that provide life-long benefits. Together with this healthy lifestyle comes a healthy diet, and, as with everything, science is always at the core. For this reason, I take great pride in helping you push things one step further, by encouraging and helping you with your nutrition management, whilst training and racing. Aside from my impressive academic background, my ability to understand people’s needs and wants first-hand, through various experiences, is what truly makes me stand out. My work essence is unique in its harmonious balance between friendliness and formalities. Furthermore, although I adopt a serious approach to setting and achieving goals, I make myself approachable, in a way which creates a serious yet nurturing environment for those joining our team. Some of the races I’ve done: Comrades Marathon (89 km) (South Africa) Two Oceans Marathon (56 km) (South Africa) PUFFER Trail Ultra Run (75 km) (South Africa) SOX 3-day stage race (South Africa) Grand Canyon R2R2R run (Arizona) Katcina Mosa Trail Race (100 km) (Utah) Squaw Peak 50 mile trail race (Utah) Racine Half Ironman Triathlon (Wisconsin) High Cliff Half Ironman Triathlon (Wisconsin) Big Shoulders 5km open water swim (Chicago) MOWS 2.4 mile open water swim (Wisconsin) Fleet feet aquathon race series (Wisconsin) Door County Olympic Distance Triathlon (Wisconsin) Triterium Olympic Distance Triathlon (Wisconsin) Triterium Sprint Distance Triathlon (Wisconsin)

Do the best you can. No one can do more than that.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

Imagine achieving a goal you never thought possible. Now imagine achieving this seemingly impossible goal all while following a training program the fits perfectly into your lifestyle, physiology, and goals. With a PhD in Exercise Science and a lifetime of sporting experience, Dr. Rebecca Johansson uses science to design your custom online training program. She understands that knowing how to train for running or triathlon races can be complicated. As a running & triathlon coach, Rebecca simplifies this process for you by providing online personalized training programs which are not only scientific, but also offer emotional support every step of the way. Furthermore, as your personal running or triathlon coach, she manages your training load which is essential to keep you free from injury and guarantee steady and strong progression. The steps to achieving your goals are simple, & Rebecca promises to help guide you each step of the way: 1. Book a FREE coach consultation 2. Get a custom training program on a weekly basis delivered on the Training Peaks App. Ask questions & have unlimited communication with Rebecca as well as race day support. 3. Achieve goals you never thought possible! “At The Performance Project, our mission is to figure out what type of training will lead to optimal performance for each athlete. The figuring out is backed by science.”

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