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Love Your Truth Women fitness coaching


About Me

I’m Shannon, I have a degree in Exercise Science from Penn State University have been in the fitness industry, helping people achieve their health & exercise-related goals for over 30 years. I have 2 fitness business, ACHIEVE Multisport Coaching and Live Your Truth Women Fitness Coaching focusing on women 40+. I worked with thousands of women to get the most out of their bodies through the lifespan and I have experienced it firsthand.

As a world champion Ironman triathlete in my 20’s – 30’s, I did what many women did to “be healthy”. I severely limited my caloric intake, barely ate any fat, a dismal amount of protein, and mostly tried to exist on fruits/veggies, did tons and tons and tons of cardio, pushing as hard on every single workout, & did strength training with moderate weights. And I did all this to not only race in my sport but in an attempt to keep my body weight down as low as possible.

But in my late 30’s – early 40’s, I started having severe health issues – I was getting sick alot, racking up injuries, and feeling mentally and emotionally burned out

As I turned 50, I started to understand firsthand the complaints of my peri menopausal and menopausal women feeling like my body is giving into to gravity and losing the battle no matter how hard we try to keep limiting my calories and exercising more. Because that’s what we were told to do, right?


Thankfully, there is research starting to be done ON women and our unique needs when it comes to fitness & food. Not the fads, but real scientific strategies that are working to help women thrive at any age, and as we age.

That is my mission – to help women physically achieve and mentally believe – mindset is key to your success and it is a pillar on my training. I work with women and their lifestyle and age-related needs to help you, perform and feel your absolute best.

Courage, Believe, Achieve

My Coaching Style / Methodology

We are a team. I work with you so you feel supported, challenged, and safe in taking your health and fitness to the next level.

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