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About Me

I originally started coaching because of a deep desire to help people achieve their goals. I truly want to see people learn about themselves and grow both as athletes and as people. There’s no better feeling than seeing someone work hard, grow to better understand themselves and their sport, and achieve or even surpass their goals.

On a personal level, I’ve been running since the fall of 2000. I’ve trained and raced all over the world. All distances and surfaces excite me – both as a coach and an athlete. I can be found running on the roads, track, cross country, mountains, ultras, and trails as well as summiting glaciated mountains.

Get uncomfortable being uncomfortable!

My Coaching Style / Methodology

Many coaches design training plans based on their own athletic experience rather than a formal education or long-term coaching experience. I doesn’t coach based on what has worked for me. My coaching is based on a combination of scientific principles and an education one cannot get other than through time and experience, which is learning how hundreds of individual athletes respond and adapt – both physically and mentally – to training. I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the world’s top coaches and have coached athletes at a variety of ability levels as well as different personal motivations over the past 15+ years.

I believe that successful training involves taking an individual’s strengths, challenges, and goals into account. For a variety of reasons, people adapt to training at different rates. That’s why you won’t see a training schedule planned out months in advance when you work with me.

Part of tailoring training to each individual is having clear and frequent dialogue between coach and athlete. This allows me to modify your training based on how your body is responding and to help you balance your training with your life.

Years of combined coaching experience and education have helped me become adept at applying the science of running to real people. I take a holistic approach to training – incorporating supplemental exercises, nutrition, and psychology – to help my athletes become their best running selves.

Throughout this process, my hope is you will learn more about what you are truly capable of doing and grow both as a runner and a person, along with experiencing the joy of working towards and reaching your goals.

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