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About Me

Hi, I’m Coach Viv! Having run my first 5K when I was 5 years old, racing is in my blood through and through. I love race day, the effort required of me and how life-changing the distance between a start and finish line can be. It’s why baby Viv didn’t stop at the 5K distance, raced all through high school and college, then found her way to this crazy sport of competitive eating, I mean, trail & ultrarunning. On my way to the start line, I love finding new ways to make training joyful, full of fun and maximize my efforts.

I’m an ultrarunner & coach who’s navigated the unpredictable schedule of being a flight attendant while still competing at a high level. I’m on a mission to turn the unpredictability of life into an advantage for your training & racing. Making excuses is easy, so might as well make excuses TO RUN! I coach to teach people, that no matter the life circumstances, or schedule, you can achieve your goals in running!

A guy told me I run like a girl. I told him if practiced, he could too!

My Coaching Style / Methodology

TRAIN TO LIVE, not the other way around!
Viva means life/live! I believe training & racing require athletes to dig deep, answer the hard questions, and push their limits in order to maximize this crazy adventure we call life. Through performance-driven, science-based customized training plans, a heavy focus on strengthening mental game, and consistent feedback, we’ll find a way to get the most out of training and life. Life is meant to be lived fully and all too often the pressures of training, self-doubt, and comparison steal joy from it.

I want to be your biggest hypeWOAHman and good vibes dealer! This sport is all about community & I want to be a part of yours by being the loudest in your corner. I’m dedicated to customizing a training program (2-3 weeks at a time) that suits your life, no matter the chaos! I am an active runner who’s training, racing, and pursuing my dream of being a world-class runner. I’ve felt the joys the highs bring and had to sit with the devastation of the lows. That being said, I’ll never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do, or regularly practice. I’m going through it right there with you and I fully understand some days it can be super tough. My promise is to create a plan that meets you where you’re at so you get the most value out of this partnership!

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