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About Me

Zoë is a Colorado-based writer and trail runner. Southern story-teller turned mountain-dweller, she starts every day with a cup of strong coffee and a good story. Her work has appeared on NPR, in Outside, REI Co-op Journal, Discover, Rock & Ice, Backpacker, and Threshold Podcast. Zoë merges her passion for storytelling with her love of trail running in her work as an editor at Trail Runner magazine. She currently hosts the DNF podcast from Trail Runner magazine. Her running and coaching are powered by the belief that with smart, efficient training and enough self-belief, Earth is 97% runnable. She started co-coaching with TJ and Microcosm Coaching in 2019. Her bipedal accomplishments include 1st place at the Crested Butte 100k, Athens Big Fork Trail Marathon and two consecutive wins at the War Eagle 50k.

My Coaching Style / Methodology

You are a unique human and athlete. Whether you’re training for your first trail race, your tenth 100 mile race, or want to find consistency and balance through accountability in your athletic life, we’re here for you. Training should reflect who you are as a person, and be uniquely suited to your background, experience, schedule and goals. Our athletes are experienced competitors, parents, doctors, teachers, flight attendants, detectives and community leaders from all over the world. Microcosm coaching works with seasoned athletes and complete beginners alike to find joy in the process, build community, and work towards meaningful goals. Microcosm Coaching will work with you to tailor a program that fits in your busy schedule, and supports a life-long journey towards self-acceptance.

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