15 Hours with Ann Trason

Featuring : Ann Trason

Film By : Billy Yang

Arguably the greatest American ultrarunner of all time, Ann Trason won an unprecedented 14 times at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run while winning and setting course records at many other ultra races. But instead of embracing her incredible feats, particularly in the 80-90’s, a naturally introverted and modest Ann prefers to discuss the joy she feels on the trails and “competing with herself” versus those that toed the line with her. In this 3rd edition of “15 Hours” we follow the great Ann Trason on a day spent camping in the mountains of Bishop hiking in the High Sierras along with her dog. She opens up and shares her thoughts about her competitive years, why she shies away from the spotlight, her love of Western States and her thoughts on her portrayal in the best selling book “Born to Run”.

  • Filmed by: Billy Yang
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