Black Forest 100K

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October 6, 2024
North Bend

One of the toughest 100k trail ultras in the Northeast. Midnight start. No crews. No pacers. No spectators. Diabolically epic!

Experience the brutal yet stunning beauty of the Black Forest Trail deep in the mountains of the Pennsylvania Wilds. Climb to astounding views of the surrounding peaks and valleys and run through an assortment of forest types ranging from pine plantations, giant hemlocks and red spruce – all in the peak of fall colors. But beware, some of these beautiful vistas require climbing elevation gains of over 1,000 ft in under a mile! The course is a lollipop with over 13,400 ft of elevation gain; this is a tough and taxing course without a doubt and to add a twist to the equation, the course reverses each year so that the majority of elevation gain alternates from the back half of the course to the front half. If that monkey wrench wasn’t sufficient already, the race starts at midnight in the inky blackness and you will have a strict 19 hours to complete the course!

Not hard enough you say? Here’s a few more layers of crazy. No crews. No pacers. No spectators. Some are calling this the evil and twisted step brother of the Worlds End 100k. No matter how you classify this beast, be prepared to exercise your demons!

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