Hot Hilly Horrible

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July 20, 2024
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This 5 mile loop, that is on shared single track mountain bike trails, will keep you engaged and in awe for one loop or 10. There’s beauty, but also a demand,  to keep you alert as you navigate technical terrain with some fun open field crossings back and forth over grassy ski hills. For some it’ll be an incredible first time seeing parts of this all season resort that not all know about. 

The start/finish will be a lively space filled with runners and crew up for the challenge of a July race in Wisconsin. As we predict this to be a warm one, we can never be too certain which challenge the weather will bring. 

The first runners will start at 6:00am choosing to run 5-50 miles and last runners going out at 7:30pm. With 5 options of relay distances and some midday and afternoon start times, there will always be some new faces to talk to on the trails. 

Afterwards, pack your gear and unpack it in your self-reserved room at the resort just a few feet from the start. KRC will have a block of rooms available for paid reservations for athletes wishing to remain close by the whole weekend. With a pool to cool off in, pizza to snack on, and hopefully some live music, the fun will carry into the night as we gather in the chalet to continue to meet new faces and exchange stories. 

In continuing our goal to provide no pressure events, timing will be available but top podium like awards will not. There will be hand-picked awards given out as the day goes by, such as “best dressed,” “biggest smile,” and my favorite the “no better crew” award. It’s fun, grassroots, light-hearted stuff. 

We are very excited to bring this back into our community and are really looking forward to what this weekend may bring for us all.

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