Olympic Mountains 25K, 50K & 100K

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August 17, 2024

OM 100K
There is nothing quite like the OM 100K anywhere! This is a continuous course(not an out & back or loops) with ten aid stations and very few repeat sections. The course will challenge you with over 14,200′ of elevation gain on~80% single-track trail. This is a challenging 100K! You will run alongside Gold Creek, the Dungeness River and right up to the Buckhorn Wilderness boundary in two different locations including via. Dirty Face Ridge where you will take in breath-taking views of the Olympic Range from your course high-point of 5,820′! If you already did the 50K then you have already experienced the hardest climbs on the course. The 100K will cover all of the 50K course, just not in the same order

Prize Money in the 100K:
* $500 First Place
* $250 Second Place
* $125 Third Place
Same prize package for Women and Men
For more details, visit our website at https://mountainpeaksracing.com/olympic-mountains-races
View the course at https://caltopo.com/m/912CV
* Race Start, Saturday, August 17th at 5am (Mass start)
* Race Cut-off, Sunday, August 18th at 3am (22 hour cut-off)

OM 50K
This is a graduate level 50K!
You start at Race HQ, a retired rock quarry at 2,600’ above sea level deep in the Olympic National Forest, then grind your way towards two of the most popular summits on the Olympic Peninsula-Mount Townsend and Mount Zion! The high point of the course, at the Buckhorn Wilderness boundary (just short of the Mt Townsend summit) , offers huge views across the eastern slope of the Olympic range. This single loop course boasts 8, 600′ of climbing and is 74% single-track.
* Race Start, Saturday, August 17th, 8AM (Mass Start)
* 7PM Cut-off (11 hours)

OM 25K
Don’t let the distance fool you! This single loop course features almost 4,000′ of elevation gain(and loss), including one of the toughest climbs of any 25K – a 2,250′ grind to the summit of Mt Zion over 3.7 miles. Bring your climbing legs AND your running legs as the forest road sections will test your leg speed. Not sure you’re ready for a 50K? This is a great course to test your ability to step up to run the 50K next year!
* Race Start, SUNDAY, August 18th, 9AM
* Race Cut-off, 3PM (6 hour cut-off)

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