Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail Run

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June 8, 2024
Vashon Island

The Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail Run was born from the spirit and enthusiasm the island community has for outdoor recreation and exploration.  While it began as a “wouldn’t it be cool if‚Äù idea, the Ultramarathon now in it’s fifth year has clearly found a home with Vashon’s running community.  Over 45% of last years’ participants were from Vashon Island, as well as dozens of members of the community came out to volunteer and cheer on the runners.

Prior to 2010, there had never been an organized trail run or ultramarathon on Vashon Island.  The Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail Run is one of the only events on Vashon to connect previously unconnected trail systems which span miles of the islands woods and open space ‚Äì encompassing local and county parks, natural preserves, and private property, giving participants a truly unique opportunity to explore the beauty that Vashon has to offer.

While the distance and course are far from “easy‚Äù, due to the constantly changing terrain and footing, the organizers have been amazed by the number of islanders who have taken up trail running, and trained diligently, to make this event their first ultramarathon, their first 10 mile run, their first trail run and in some cases their first ever organized run. This outpouring of interest has inspired the Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail Run to re-dedicate it’s core of fostering physical fitness and outdoor exploration throughout the community ‚Äì specifically in encouraging our youth to find a passion for running and exploring the beauty that Vashon’s trails have to offer.  The Vashon Island Ultramarathon & Trail Run also continues to provide support to our local Park Districts and Land Trust lands ‚Äì financially, physically, and through introducing people to their open spaces, with the goal to protect, preserve and maintain the natural condition, open space, and wildlife habitat of the land we pass through and the island we live on.

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