Trail Sisters Speaker Series

Conversation with Hillary Allen

Recorded on: March 23, 2022

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Hillary Allen
Hillary Allen
My career as an endurance athlete has not been straightforward. Early in my career, I earned the nickname “Hillygoat” for my love of the uphill and my ability to run fast on steep, technical mountain terrain – a style of running known as Skyrunning. I quickly rose the ranks, winning the US SkyRunner Series in 2014 and was on a similar trajectory on the world stage of skyrunning when the unexpected struck in 2017. After a 150 foot fall, I was told I would never run again - let alone compete at the elite level. After several years of rehab and recovery, I made a full recovery and returned to elite level racing, running some of my longest and most challenging races post-accident. I maintain the belief that ‘your best athletic days are ahead of you,' if you’re willing to work hard for what you love and never give up on yourself.

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Gina Lucrezi

As the founder of Trail Sisters, Gina’s goal is to help create opportunities and grow participation in women’s trail running. 

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Kristi is the Trail Sisters team manager, speaker series wing-woman and Birmingham, Alabama’s local group leader and a lover of all dogs.